Thursday, March 13, 2014

One Hour In Elephant Kingdom Part-1

Pinnawala Elephant Sanctuary, for the first time I was going to visit a place like this. So far I had only heard about animal sanctuaries or safari parks or these sorts of places but it was my first experience to visit a true wild-life park full of elephants!
As I already mentioned, we were having sessions in the MIMT for around two days, so getting fresh air and visiting a new place created more enthusiasm in me.  And I could see others, and could feel their excitement too!

It was a very well-organized place, wonderfully planned apt to the taste of tourists. I kept being amazed with new revelations one after another!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Heading To A Wild-Life Adventure!

13 January 2014

Krriinngg!! Krriinngg!!

Yes, it was my alarm. I opened my eyes slowly. It took a moment to grasp the truth. A beautiful day it was, glittering sunshine, sweet smell of wild flowers and no noise of regular busy life, only sweet and chipper songs of birds! I took some deep breathes. 
Maya was sleeping and I reckoned, everyone else in the Chalet were having some peaceful sleep as well.
Today we were scheduled to visit the "Pinnawala Elephant Sanctuary" in Pinnawalla. I was a bit more excited for it because in last two days it was the first time we were going out of MIMT. As I already mentioned MIMT was Mass Fabric Park and it was highly restricted. No one was allowed to cross the perimeter.