Saturday, November 15, 2014

Trek Notes:A Journey To Australian Camp- Amusement and Difficulties Part-1

Trek Notes: A Personal Journal
Day 2: From Annapurna Conservation Area to Australian Camp, Nepal
Height: 2000 meters from sea level
Time: Minimum 6 hours

Though I already posted all the stories about my first trekking, so you might start to think what's so special in the next day? What is the difference?

So, let me tell you, that even if you trek for days after days, each and every day will be a new day revealing a bunch of new experiences, discovering a newer self within you on every step you take. That is what trekking is.
It is not a mere walk, it's a poetry. Every time you read, you find a new meaning.

A new morning, a beautiful one! <3

Saturday, November 8, 2014

How Bucket List Can Be Your Source Of Motivation: Off Topic

Yes, off topics come as surprise packages, otherwise the enjoyment in reading gets reduced in half. So today's off topic is Bucket List. More or less all of us know what a bucket list is. Generally it is said that, A Bucket List is a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying, but I want to pick the definition in my own way.
For me Bucket List is the list of things that keeps you motivated towards whatever you are passionate about, and never let the child inside you die. It makes you feel better every time you check out your list, and every time it triggers the energy within yourself to pursue your dreams. It is a list of some parts of your life that makes you feel alive in a true sense before you die actually. So, I have my own Bucket List prepared, do you have yours? Or do you want to make one right now?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Blogging Tips: Traffic Increases By Unique Writing or A Commercial Approach? (Politics Of Blogging)

In the beginning when I just started blogging, back in the month of February, it was all about drenching out what I experienced, how I felt about it, what I thought about it, my emotions related to those topics; everything was so personal, and so only "about me". Never ever I gave a thought about taking a commercial approach to drag some traffic to my blog.
Perhaps it was because I knew nothing about blogging. I wrote for six months without caring about traffics, or caring about whether my content was enough reader-attracting or not. I just knew, I felt so good whenever I wrote something. It was like creating own piece of yourself with words. How I feel about writing and what role writing can play in someone's life I guess I have already discussed it in my previous blog post, in Writing and Life.

But today, I am not going to show you the universal image of writing. Today we are here to re-think on what we think about blogging. And we will be discussing about one of the most important issues in someone's blogging career, that whether it is an unique piece of writing, or a commercial approach that brings you more readers, more traffic.