Saturday, June 14, 2014

Getting Near To The Conclusion : Flash Party at Mount Lavinia

Good Morning Colombo!

17 January 2014

It was the tapping sound of Shahida's high heel that actually functioned as my alarm. It was so amazing that just within a week I developed a sense to realizing things happening around me, even when I am in sleep! With those tappings a hushed voice warned me severely that Shahida was already going to have her breakfast and there was me, lying on bed still with my eyes closed.

A grave sense of responsibility forced me to get up from the bed. It was the presentation day though I hardly could remember what we prepared last night. 

So far as my mind clicked, we prepared an act as our presentation in a very creative way. We planned to use the traditional oil lamp  and perform the rituals to show other participants the culture of Sri Lanka, and  we planned to perform each and every projects we visited in Kandy and each from our team will give a short brief on those.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Introducing Colombo, Sri Lanka : An Affectionate Reunion & A CrazZy Night-Out!

Here Comes Colombo, The Heart Of Sri Lanka

My numb eyes found the last remnants of lemonish glow of sunset.
We were in Colombo already.
I could not remember when I fell asleep while watching the curves of the sloppy roads. It vaguely occurred to me that it was raining before I closed my exhausted eyes. Though I wanted to watch more; Kandy itself was richly beautiful, and every drops of wild rain made it more sensational. 

Experiencing Colombo was completely different than Thulhiriya, or Pinawalla or Kandy.

On the way of Colombo

Last Day In Kandy: Facilitating Youth Leadership Training

16 January 2014

My morning started with a clumsy downhearted feeling. Though I did not want to wait anymore to meet up my friends and others, still I assumed I would miss this place.

This place had taught me a lot and here, I had some life-changing experiences.

We went to another local school to accomplish our last project, to facilitate the students with Youth Leadership Training. There we took part in  facilitating the young blooming buds who are to take the lead of our next generation! It was quite enjoyable too with those little humming birds!

Introduction Ceremony

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Grand Mahaweli River Of Sri Lanka: River Bank Cleaning Project For Raising Social Awareness

The Grand River Mahaweli is the longest river of Sri Lanka having the largest drainage basin in the country. In Sinhala, it means "Great Sandy River" and in Tamil, it means "Mahawali Ganga" and for Sri Lankan people the River is as holy and respected as the River Ganga. The River rises on the Western hilly region of the Island and flowing through the North it turns to the Eastern Region near Kandy, the place we were now about to visit!

River Mahaweli

Though we had already seen River Mahaweli on the night we arrived Kandy.

Can you guess how?
Well, its because the river itself flows beside Hotel Mahaweli Reach and you can just watch it from the garden side of the hotel's perimeter. Besides, if you wish, they have the facility to give you a boat-ride immediately!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Ravishing Beauty of Wilderness in Kandy : Issues Regarding Granite and Lime-stone Mines Remain Unsolved

15 January 2014

It was an unusual beginning; the next day when I woke up it was raining.

Naturally my enthusiasm began to vapor with the sullen weather though our schedule was much tougher today!

The first thing I picked up before leaving my hotel room was my umbrella and  this time we were going to visit Granite and Lime-Stone mines of Kandy. It was rather a first-hand experience for me as I never paid a visit to a mine. It was absolutely welcomed though. I was gradually developing a habit to taste new, experience new and always come up with some new ideas and even newer self-discovery!

On The Way To Granite Mines