Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Special Post: 10 Reasons Why You Must Love Yourself!

Happy Valentines Day!

A day dedicated to love and acknowledgment of love celebrated by millions and billions has given me this thought totally out of the box.
For years after years I have been observing this day is particularly tagged for those people who are in love with each other. In few cases this day happened to be celebrated with family and friends for the acknowledgment of the love people have for their "other" relationships.

But today I would not talk about celebration of this day rather would share a particular idea that I have been thinking over the concept of Valentines Day.

You love you family, friends, relatives, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, kids, but what about YOU?
What about loving your own self?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Australian Camp Part- 2

Camp Behind The Himalaya

Enjoying the beauty of majestic Himalaya was not the only goal, rather we had come here to absorb something more from the nature. I have always believed that we always learn better when we're close to nature. Trust me, mother nature is the greatest of all the teachers. And everyday mother nature is teaching us the most important lesson of our lives: how to live.

Do not let the smoke, bricks and coins embrace you, or you'd get alienated from the core of the nature, and you'd forget how to live, and eventually you'd forget yourself.

This International Sustainability School's camp had opened up a new dimension in front of me and we learned a lot, through laughing and at the same time depth of sincerity. This is what I am going to tell you today.