Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Scrap-Blog of 2014 : Off Topic

Normally we make scrapbooks to preserve our precious little, funny, sweet, weird, interesting memorable stack of events so that if sometime we want to look back, we don't have to brainstorm. We just can turn over the pages, and those memories are there, smiling back at us.
For this year, I am not making a scrapbook.
I will be making a scrap-blog.
Let's get a tour throughout the year of 2014 and see what memorable events have taken places.

This year has been the most eventful year of my life including so many memorable incidents. So here it goes, my Scrap-blog:

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Blogging Tips: 4 Basic Things To Keep In Mind In Order To Have A Successful Blog

I have noticed so far that every beginner blogger goes through one particular phase which usually decides whether you are going to be a successful blogger or not. If you can overcome the phase, the rest of the path is smooth as silk. But here is the challenge, because statistics says, 95% of bloggers just give up because they cannot pass through this one single phase in the beginning line. Success neither pop out of the window, nor falls from the sky, that's what we all know, but just not ready to accept. What I have learned in this nine months of my blogging period is that it's only my patience, confidence and consistency which had led me so far. Otherwise I don't have a sponsor to promote me, or a SEO expert boosting my blog up everyday. So how did I do it? 

Answer is simple. I won the basic battle against the most depressing state where most of the bloggers fail just because they suffer from uncertainty. 
Do you remember the one incident of your life when you cannot find your key and have searched in every possible and impossible places, but all the time the key was on the table right under your nose?
Yeah, the key is right under your nose.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Trek Notes:A Journey To Australian Camp- Amusement and Difficulties Part-2

Trek Notes: A Personal Journal
Day 2: From Annapurna Conservation Area to Australian Camp, Nepal
Height: 2000 meters from sea level
Time: Minimum 6 hours

Lunch Break

From the previous tale of my journey, the road was comparatively smooth, though it was full of small pebbles; but somehow the crushing sound of trodden pebbles under our restless feet gave me a sensation of adventure! After encountering with a handful new good and bad experiences, we came to know that we have already crossed half of the way, and indubitably, the easiest part is covered. We stopped by for a short lunch break and though I was really under a leech-traumatic condition, still I could not restrain myself from admiring how amazingly beautiful the place was; Such mind soothing greenary, mild green pulpy grasses, and a beautiful road going between the pine trees.

Here we stopped for lunch, not inside the place, outside of it :P

I never lived in heaven, but I was quite sure, Almighty has left a piece of it here. I went looking for more and found Anh and Dikshya chatting but something else had found me beforehand.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Trek Notes:A Journey To Australian Camp- Amusement and Difficulties Part-1

Trek Notes: A Personal Journal
Day 2: From Annapurna Conservation Area to Australian Camp, Nepal
Height: 2000 meters from sea level
Time: Minimum 6 hours

Though I already posted all the stories about my first trekking, so you might start to think what's so special in the next day? What is the difference?

So, let me tell you, that even if you trek for days after days, each and every day will be a new day revealing a bunch of new experiences, discovering a newer self within you on every step you take. That is what trekking is.
It is not a mere walk, it's a poetry. Every time you read, you find a new meaning.

A new morning, a beautiful one! <3

Saturday, November 8, 2014

How Bucket List Can Be Your Source Of Motivation: Off Topic

Yes, off topics come as surprise packages, otherwise the enjoyment in reading gets reduced in half. So today's off topic is Bucket List. More or less all of us know what a bucket list is. Generally it is said that, A Bucket List is a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying, but I want to pick the definition in my own way.
For me Bucket List is the list of things that keeps you motivated towards whatever you are passionate about, and never let the child inside you die. It makes you feel better every time you check out your list, and every time it triggers the energy within yourself to pursue your dreams. It is a list of some parts of your life that makes you feel alive in a true sense before you die actually. So, I have my own Bucket List prepared, do you have yours? Or do you want to make one right now?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Blogging Tips: Traffic Increases By Unique Writing or A Commercial Approach? (Politics Of Blogging)

In the beginning when I just started blogging, back in the month of February, it was all about drenching out what I experienced, how I felt about it, what I thought about it, my emotions related to those topics; everything was so personal, and so only "about me". Never ever I gave a thought about taking a commercial approach to drag some traffic to my blog.
Perhaps it was because I knew nothing about blogging. I wrote for six months without caring about traffics, or caring about whether my content was enough reader-attracting or not. I just knew, I felt so good whenever I wrote something. It was like creating own piece of yourself with words. How I feel about writing and what role writing can play in someone's life I guess I have already discussed it in my previous blog post, in Writing and Life.

But today, I am not going to show you the universal image of writing. Today we are here to re-think on what we think about blogging. And we will be discussing about one of the most important issues in someone's blogging career, that whether it is an unique piece of writing, or a commercial approach that brings you more readers, more traffic.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trek Notes: Night-Stay At Annapurna Conservation Area- What To Do For Instant Recovery After Trekking (Nepal)

Trek Notes: A Personal Journal
Place: Annapurna Conservation Area (Bhadorure)
Height: Approximately 1869 meters from sea level

Dreams Must Come True 

I always dreamed to live in a cottage in the mountains from where the vivacious deep blue sky would seem much closer, and rest of the world would seem like a green fairy land. Well, the place was exactly what I imagined it to be. It seemed like we have reached far from the known world, after my first ever experience on trekking, finally we made it to the dream-land.

The house we stayed in

When we reached our destination we had an warm-loving people waiting for us to greet and we were welcomed with tiny bouquet of wild flower and a "tika" of  Dahi-Chini (sour milk and sugar).
Perfect representation of Nepali culture, right? :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Trek Notes : A Journey To Australian Camp- Things To Keep In Mind For A Trekker (Nepal)

Trek Notes: A Personal Journal
Day 1: From Pokhara to Annapurna Conservation Area (Bhadoure), Nepal

Height: Approximately 1869 meters from sea level
Time: 3 and Half Hours

"Home is behind, world ahead"... 

Remember, this is the song Bilbo Baggins sings in "The Hobbit". That little hobbit who even after endless confusion, question and hesitation grabs his bag and sets his feet towards an unknown path because he cannot resist to quench his thirst for an adventure. Leaving his warm study-room, old books and delicious dinner made of fish fry with lemon juice, and above all, his most comfort zone behind, he sets his feet for the "unexpected journey" ! 
It reminded me of my very own state. I left my home very behind already, now the whole world with an unknown path was ahead. A little anxious I was. Then again I remembered what the Lady Elf of the Wood said to Frodo Baggins. "If you don't find the way.. no one will".. 
She was right, wasn't she? If I don't find my way, who else was there to find it for me?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Food Post: Chef Special Chicken Biriyani & Raita

Let’s Cook Up Some Story Mixed With History!


The word itself makes you fantasize the mouthwatering aroma of finely cooked Basmati rice with deliciously spicy meat, gravy and moist yet nicely bringing a slight crisp flavor on the upper texture that makes it even tastier!

Chicken Biriyani

Though Biriyani is very popular dish in South Asian Region but if you just Google, you would definitely get super confused about its origin. Majority says it has originated from Mughlai Cuisine; some say North India; some say South India; there are also some who claim its origin to be either Persia or Lacknow!

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Short Visit To ICIMOD Knowledge Park In Godavari, Nepal

Do You Know What ICIMOD Is?

The mid-noon Sun just changed the course of its burning chariots towards the western sky. The road from Patlikhet to Godavari was undeniably bumpy and gave me a hard time for sleeping. I must admit it was a relieve to know that we reached our destination, to ICIMOD Knowledge Park.

Naturally grown garden
Now you can ask what ICIMOD stands for.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Food Post: Delicious Cuisine Of Sri Lanka

Traveling Abroad? Check Out Their Diet!
A Plate Full of Sri Lankan Cuisine

When I was been confirmed that I had to visit Sri Lanka in stead of Myanmar, my first thought was "Oh Allah, wow!" and my second thought was "Darn, I researched so hard on Myanmar, now I have to do it again on Sri Lanka!"
And why not?
I am sure most of the people do a bit study before visiting another country in order to get a better idea about everything. And surely checking out the diet of native people is a part of it because you have to have a clear conception about what you are precisely going to eat and what not.

(To enjoy delicious Sri Lankan Cuisine check out bellow!)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Nepal Road Trip : A Day Under Wild Spring

Want To See The Raw Version Of Nepal?

You have not seen a country truly if you have not seen it's Raw Version.
You might ask what is "Raw Version" ?
Well, Raw version is when you decide to go and see beyond the hotel facilities and classified tourist places. It's just going further into the most natural core of the country where you will see the roads, feel the air, talk to native people. learn from their culture and would let yourself get blended with the original color of the country.
And trust me, it's more fun!

Monday, October 6, 2014

10 Simple Things That Can Make You Absolutely Happy: Off Topic

You can just Google and find thousands of things that are waiting to advice you on "how to be happy" from each & every angle you could not even imagine. But you know what, you do not even have to take so much trouble to make yourself happy. The smallest, the slightest things around you can bring a big smile on your face, make your soul fresh and ready to regenerate. You just have to give it a try!

Let me take you on a tour to what makes me happy instantly, that I am sure, would work for you too!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

You Are Never Late To Go For Your Dream : A Living Inspiration- Judith (Oma) Chase

I was looking for determination!
I always think that life is too short to do so many things! How can people ever manage to do everything? Well, this visit to Patlikhet surely gave me the answer I was looking for.

I cannot tell how much energy and inspiration I gathered from just one visit. I just can say, from that day, I knew, I would walk my path, nevertheless what might come and go, my dedication and determination should never fail. Its never late rather every moment is a new beginning.
You would be stupid only when you would count the rocks in stead of walking the path. Destination might come, or not, what does it matter if you just enjoy the journey?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blogging Tips: 5 Problems & Solutions For Beginners- Be Smart To Tackle

I am still a beginner; That's why it seemed more appropriate to write about the problems I faced and still facing while blogging. Being a beginner, no expert can exactly tell what I am going through cause everything seems quite easy when you have passed through it. So, it is a beginner's suggestion to all my beginner fellows, to know it better, to understand it better so that you can tackle it better! Here I would share the 5 problems I faced in the very beginning and still continuously tackling with and I welcome you all to make any comment or suggestion on given points.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Trip To Boudhanath Stupa In Nepal: A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Sacred places are physical and geographic anchor points for our psychic and cultural imaginings, the stories we tell about ourselves, the world, and the relations between them.”
 Adrian J. Ivakhiv (Claiming Scared Ground)

  On a beautiful bright afternoon we, the whole team of International Sustainability School, went to visit the ancient Boudhanath Stupa, one of the largest stupa in the world.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

How Unique Ideas Can Bring Change: Birthday Forest in Nepal

Birthday Forest. 

What is the first thing you assume by hearing these two phrases?
Let me guess.
Celebrating birthday in a forest? or... A forest where you celebrate birthday? or simply Birthday in Forest. Well, everything that comes to your mind is true in different aspects about which I am about to talk.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Food Post: Mouth-Watering 'Momo' -Traditional Delicacy Of Nepal

In my last blog post I mentioned that the tales of Nepal would remain incomplete if I don't write about Momo! So here I am with my first Food Post.
Hope you will enjoy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gorgeous Kathmandu : A Trip To The City

Finally It was time time to hit Kathmandu city, the heart of Nepal! It is a lively city surrounded by hills and clouds, with full of traditional sights, colors, with a different taste and definitely different smell. Yes, it smelled like smoky wild grasses and wet red bricks. I was astound to see how Nepal has captured the flavor of traditionalism and the essence of history in every corner of the city.

A glimpse of beautiful Kathmandu City

Friday, September 12, 2014

A Clear Concept On How To Exercise Sustainable Development: First Workshop in Nepal

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is ensuring the future of life on Earth, is an infinite game, the endless expression of generosity on behalf of all - Paul Hawken
He was not very far from the idea!

My first workshop in International Sustainability School was about "Conceptualizing Sustainability" which was taken by Saumitra Neupane.  

Sunday, September 7, 2014

How To Motivate Yourself : Best 4 Tips To Get Started

After spending eight months in my blog-writing career, I can clearly assert that I love to adopt versatility in my works, approaches and also in my life-style; I was lost in an ocean of "what to do", and now I am preparing a boat so that I can sail it in the ocean of "to do things as many as possible".

However, today I will not discuss about that thing; rather, I would like to share my personal guide-line that continuously motivated me to keep going. Even if I had passed bad times and went into hibernation, even took a long break from what I was most passionate about- writing.

Friday, August 1, 2014

How We Share Global Bonding Through Traveling: A Heart-Touching Story

Sometimes, you should get out of the track for a while, because it makes the taste different!
Today I am going to write about something "off topic"  again, but it would not be very heavy; It's a short and cute and a simple story about a bunch of crazy passionate and moreover loving people from various corners of this Earth!

And... Yes, I am on this list too! But I absolutely do not feel like bragging myself because being in the group of those awesome people eventually tags me with their awesome-st qualities too!!

The story begins with their ending of one journey together; The one journey that connected them; The one journey where they shared laughter, pain, both happy and sad moments, scary and ecstatic experiences; They teased each other like friends on any chance they got and also appreciated and supported each other like a family; The one journey that brought those incomplete beings into a complete one; The one journey where they lived another life in another world!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Writing and Life: Off Topic

Life is weird.

Sometimes you want to break down the rules, the balance to set yourself free. Today, I was about to write a very informative post about a sustainability workshop I attended in Nepal, but don't know why I felt like talking about something else, breaking off the rules and the pattern I was maintaining since the month of February.

It's been six months, since I'm writing this blog. I started with no particular mission, trust me. It was a rather fun for me to write about the things that were so precious to me. Whether those experiences were good or bad, still I wanted to preserve those as a treasure. That feeling motivated me towards writing, and by existing in a very digitalized world, I started blogging.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We Call It Group Hug!

A hug is the perfect gift- one size fits all and nobody minds if you exchange it. ” 
― Irvin Ball

'Hug', more or less everyone knows and experienced it.

For me, hug is the cure when my lips are tired of smiling..
hug is the remedy when I am breaking inch by inch inside..
hug is the amplifier of the sparkling of joy..
and hug is the tear of both happiness and sorrow that you never shed but you share..

Friday, July 18, 2014

Orientation Day : Starting 'Phase Learn'

Good Morning Nepal!

I really hoped to sleep well, but I guess my mind did not want to set itself in a new place so quickly. So when I heard Anh waking up in the morning my eyes were opened automatically. Then I realized it's not morning at all! The vague beams of sun had not yet succeeded to pierce through the blackish night. The dawn had just began. Perhaps because of lack of sleeping I felt slight irritation. 

I heard Anh getting ready, perhaps she took a shower, washed her clothes and I felt everything happening under a thin layer of sleep. Sometimes I woke up asking her "What time is it? or What is happening?" sort of questions. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

You Never Know When The Journey Start/Who Will Become A Part Of Your Heart!

First Encounter With Vietnam

It was a night full of meeting new people!
I woke up hearing urgent knocks on my door. I tried to comprehend my surroundings, the place, time and realized that the girl from Vietnam had returned.

I woke up having the slight irritation that I had to shift my things all over again. Anyway, I hoped that the room was better than this one!

And finally I met my room-mate!
Pham Nguyen Thuy Anh
Very complicated name -_-
Her name was Anh. My first impression was already made when I came to know she was just gone to visit some place after stepping into the country! I was like, "well, she must love to explore very much!" and when I finally met her, I found a pretty face with a very sweet smile, a simple being, but somewhere still struggling to break some shells, to know what is still unknown, to find that is still unseen. She was thoughtful, and organized; that was all in short!

Meanwhile Khalid came and informed that he is sharing room with one Indian and one Pakistani participant and I congratulated him on getting neighbors in this foreign country ! I came to know their names from Khalid, the guy from India, his name was Sabbithi Pavan, and the other guy from Pakistan, his name was Shakeel Khan. I wondered when we will be actually meeting!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Getting Started : Meeting New People

Happy, Finally!

I heard that I will be sharing room with the girl from Vietnam, and although she had already arrived and gone to visit some place with the room locked, so for now I would have to stay in another room.

Finally Happy!
The room they took me to was big enough, with wide space; one single bed and one double. A table, chair, wardrobe, hanger and a mirror on the wall. Big windows, with front views and loads of wind, it was good.
but all of a sudden I felt a little bit alone and weirdly quite relieved, that I have at least made it to the place I should be!

You are never sure of life. Life can take you to any place, life can make you do anything and life can break your any illusion you thought to be a concrete fact and life is something that is awesome to the best as well as terrible to the worst!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pasa Yard : My First Home In Nepal

Surprise On Landing!

It took a long time to get our visa. Though my happiness was doubled when I came to know that Nepal offers free VISA for every first-timer-visitors from SAARC countries! I went to take some selfies to celebrate my joy !

A Happy Selfie at Tribhuvan International Airport

I really liked that, it was just like honoring your neighbors who have come to visit your home for the first time. I heard that phrase used for several times "Atithi Narayan" (Guest is as honorable as a God) but that's the first time I had seen a nation demonstrating it's true meaning :)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Welcome To Nepal : A Step Towards Sustainability & The Mighty Himalaya

“Let your mind start a journey through a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be.Close your eyes let your spirit start to soar, and you'll live as you've never lived before...”
-  Erich Fromm

Khalid Yahea
In the airport I met the other participant from Bangladesh, who was travelling with me, Khalid Yahea; He obtained LL.M Degree from Department of Law at University of Dhaka and recently joined in Bangladesh University as a lecturer; a promising youth leader but still a playful child inside. :) I was happy to have such a companion for the journey and sometimes it's really comforting to have someone with whom you can talk to in your own language!


Anyway, the flight was almost on time though I was not worried very much. It only takes 1 hour and something to reach Kathmandu from Dhaka.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

An Exotic Trip To Nepal : International Sustainability School 2014

A Clumsy Goodbye From Home

14 June, 2014

My sister in law laughed at my sight,

"you truly look like a traveler, except for your face. It seems like you are going to attend an exam by your expression!"

I did not remember quite clearly how I felt before leaving for the airport, but I am sure I did not feel very well. Father suggested me to come back after one or two days by judging my facial gestures.Well, that's the thing I hate about myself that I always feel sick at the very moment I actually have to move on. Happens in every single case. However, I have gradually developed something within myself that prevents me from stopping and I really wonder how long I have to move on to discover what I really want, what I actually need and what is the thing that would feed my soul.. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Getting Near To The Conclusion : Flash Party at Mount Lavinia

Good Morning Colombo!

17 January 2014

It was the tapping sound of Shahida's high heel that actually functioned as my alarm. It was so amazing that just within a week I developed a sense to realizing things happening around me, even when I am in sleep! With those tappings a hushed voice warned me severely that Shahida was already going to have her breakfast and there was me, lying on bed still with my eyes closed.

A grave sense of responsibility forced me to get up from the bed. It was the presentation day though I hardly could remember what we prepared last night. 

So far as my mind clicked, we prepared an act as our presentation in a very creative way. We planned to use the traditional oil lamp  and perform the rituals to show other participants the culture of Sri Lanka, and  we planned to perform each and every projects we visited in Kandy and each from our team will give a short brief on those.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Introducing Colombo, Sri Lanka : An Affectionate Reunion & A CrazZy Night-Out!

Here Comes Colombo, The Heart Of Sri Lanka

My numb eyes found the last remnants of lemonish glow of sunset.
We were in Colombo already.
I could not remember when I fell asleep while watching the curves of the sloppy roads. It vaguely occurred to me that it was raining before I closed my exhausted eyes. Though I wanted to watch more; Kandy itself was richly beautiful, and every drops of wild rain made it more sensational. 

Experiencing Colombo was completely different than Thulhiriya, or Pinawalla or Kandy.

On the way of Colombo

Last Day In Kandy: Facilitating Youth Leadership Training

16 January 2014

My morning started with a clumsy downhearted feeling. Though I did not want to wait anymore to meet up my friends and others, still I assumed I would miss this place.

This place had taught me a lot and here, I had some life-changing experiences.

We went to another local school to accomplish our last project, to facilitate the students with Youth Leadership Training. There we took part in  facilitating the young blooming buds who are to take the lead of our next generation! It was quite enjoyable too with those little humming birds!

Introduction Ceremony

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Grand Mahaweli River Of Sri Lanka: River Bank Cleaning Project For Raising Social Awareness

The Grand River Mahaweli is the longest river of Sri Lanka having the largest drainage basin in the country. In Sinhala, it means "Great Sandy River" and in Tamil, it means "Mahawali Ganga" and for Sri Lankan people the River is as holy and respected as the River Ganga. The River rises on the Western hilly region of the Island and flowing through the North it turns to the Eastern Region near Kandy, the place we were now about to visit!

River Mahaweli

Though we had already seen River Mahaweli on the night we arrived Kandy.

Can you guess how?
Well, its because the river itself flows beside Hotel Mahaweli Reach and you can just watch it from the garden side of the hotel's perimeter. Besides, if you wish, they have the facility to give you a boat-ride immediately!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Ravishing Beauty of Wilderness in Kandy : Issues Regarding Granite and Lime-stone Mines Remain Unsolved

15 January 2014

It was an unusual beginning; the next day when I woke up it was raining.

Naturally my enthusiasm began to vapor with the sullen weather though our schedule was much tougher today!

The first thing I picked up before leaving my hotel room was my umbrella and  this time we were going to visit Granite and Lime-Stone mines of Kandy. It was rather a first-hand experience for me as I never paid a visit to a mine. It was absolutely welcomed though. I was gradually developing a habit to taste new, experience new and always come up with some new ideas and even newer self-discovery!

On The Way To Granite Mines

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Sacred Temple Of Tooh Relic In Kandy: Sri Lanka's True Essence Of Religion

"All that We are is the result of what We have thought. The mind is everything. What We think We become. " - Buddha

Though we came back to hotel completely exhausted and our energy meter seemed really low, none of us really wanted to miss the chance to visit the soul of not only Kandy, but also of the entire Sri Lanka, The Sacred Temple of Tooth Relic.

According to Sri Lankan Tradition no one was allowed to visit the temple or enter in its premises with sleeveless and excessive colorful dress, three-quarter pants or any kind of hats on. Rather appearing with long-sleeve, light-color, sober outfits was more appropriate. And, everyone was bound to enter the premise of the temple barefooted.

A calm and grayish evening was emerging when we set our journey to visit the Temple.
“You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself”- Buddha - See more at:

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rustic Beauty of Dumbara Valley, Sri Lanka : The Natural Garden

True Rustic Beauty Reveals 

The country-side of Dumbara Valley was more close to nature disclosing the true rustic beauty of the Island. Encompassed with green paddy fields and narrow roads that turned its way like smooth movements of a snake!

The only difference between the landscapes of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh was that here, in Sri Lanka those were surrounded by crooked hills and extensive woodland. And, in my country, there are mostly flatland and how far you will see, your eyes will capture only fathomless green topography in a wide plain land! There will be no trace of hills, not even a swallow of ground!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Experiencing Sri lanka's True Culture And Meeting Native People In Dumbara Valley

14 January 2014

Heading Towards Dumbara Valley

We were straight up for Dumbara Valley next day in the morning just after having finished with our breakfast. It was a bright shiny beginning a day when we left Hotel Mahaweli Reach. Today's project was to visit a local school in Dumbara Valley and to get engaged with some social actions that could motivate the students towards volunteerism and social works.

The thing I liked most about my community visit, Kandy, that for me, it was the most versatile expedition including engaging in social actions, knowing native people,experiencing root level culture of Sri Lanka and its traditions, perceiving religion, making friends, enjoying natural beauty of the Island, and a taking a step forward to the door of enlightenment!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Night Of Random Memories In Hotel Mahaweli Reach

Introducing Lucca Sokhi, An Uprising Chef

“It’s unbelievable man!” Lucca expressed his astonishment. He was a progressive chef at the Waterhouse Restaurant and he was absolutely passionate about food. According to him new amazing tasty foods always made his passion grow stronger and he believed that Catering could be a great opportunity for youths for their career-making.

Well, how much I had reckoned him, he was a softhearted, generous guy with a very strong personality. He was straightforward, at the same time very emotional. His honest approach to express his affection and frank attitude always seemed praiseworthy. He was like a brother to me. Though our relation developed during community visit, it is still the same warm and welcoming for both of us whenever we talk.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Launching in Kandy, Sri Lanka : The Grand Hotel Mahaweli Reach

He Is Daniel Smith

On the way to Kandy; I devoted myself to a peaceful sleep after some long hectic sessions. The day time was already about to end when we started for Kandy. So, due to my short and 
deep naps I did not miss anything. Dan was right beside me taking naps too. 

Aah, Daniel Smith! What can I say about him!

With Dan, always with his smile :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Adeu Thulhiriya, Adeu Chalet 36

"We are going to Kandy", Sazzat informed me abruptly on the way to dine.
"Seriously?" - I wondered! I was recommending Kandy from the beginning as a choice of my community visit. Didn't know they made the final list already. I was up for my lunch, otherwise I was dying to see the group list they had made.

In front of Chalet 36
Took my last meal at MIMT with a bit of excitement and a bit of itching sensation for getting apart from my friends.Hot waves of mid-noon wind splashed upon my cheeks with a sudden burning desire of staying back, though it was a mere whimsical emotion of my heart that had also learned to move on for greater good..
Packing was done already, we just came back to the chalet to get our staffs, reconcile our brisk memories, and to say a final goodbye to Chalet 36.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Anoma Rajakaruna : A True Inspiration

Anoma Rajakaruna, made her floor radiantly. why would not she?  She was another vivid Icon for especially the rising female activists like us!

She shared her personal experiences where she had to face excruciating struggle to make her career in film industry.

Anoma Rajakaruna
She was interested in story-telling from her early age and by observing her creative aptitude for narration, her tutor suggested her to join a course of script-writing. From that time she started facing challenges due to discrimination and accusations due to the minimal chance of being successful in this arena.
However, her dreams and determination never allowed her to collapse before this stereotype mentality of the soceity.
She fought hard to make her way and her hard work  always found a path as she got a chance to make mini-tele-drama eventually. She was seventeen when her first production was released but once again, she was restrained by Political Censorship. The issue was simple. Her first tele-drama, "Sonduriya" contained some sensitive social material. In her words, the story was about a woman whose emotion was torn between two men and her conflicts regarding this issue. 
Surely the society at the time was not ready to accept this bold attempt of showcasing such thing where reality overpowered society's formulated norms.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ishan Jallil : Revealing The Key Of Success

Now, can anyone tell me that what kind of person could be a great feature and inspiration for raising youth leaders like us? 
Well, the two persons who came as guest speakers among us, were probably the best examples that could be given to uphold the strength and encourage our motivation, I bet.

Anoma Rajakaruna, an activist and Documentary Film-maker with the astonishing story of her journey in Film Industry and her inestimable struggle to make her position established, was among us to fire up our aspiration. And there was another stupendous figure, Ishan Jalil, an UN volunteer, graduated from University of Colombo. The special thing about him was though he could not see in conventional way, he had enabled himself to see the world with his determination, knowledge and hard work.
Ishan Jalil

Monday, April 28, 2014

One Hour In Elephant Kingdom Part-2

What About Seeing Some Little Baby Elephants?

In this entire idea of visiting Elephant sanctuary, the thing that attracted me most was to see a baby elephant! Considering the magnificence of a full grown elephant I always wondered what would be the size of a baby elephant and  how it would be exactly! 

Baby elephants

Thursday, March 13, 2014

One Hour In Elephant Kingdom Part-1

Pinnawala Elephant Sanctuary, for the first time I was going to visit a place like this. So far I had only heard about animal sanctuaries or safari parks or these sorts of places but it was my first experience to visit a true wild-life park full of elephants!
As I already mentioned, we were having sessions in the MIMT for around two days, so getting fresh air and visiting a new place created more enthusiasm in me.  And I could see others, and could feel their excitement too!

It was a very well-organized place, wonderfully planned apt to the taste of tourists. I kept being amazed with new revelations one after another!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Heading To A Wild-Life Adventure!

13 January 2014

Krriinngg!! Krriinngg!!

Yes, it was my alarm. I opened my eyes slowly. It took a moment to grasp the truth. A beautiful day it was, glittering sunshine, sweet smell of wild flowers and no noise of regular busy life, only sweet and chipper songs of birds! I took some deep breathes. 
Maya was sleeping and I reckoned, everyone else in the Chalet were having some peaceful sleep as well.
Today we were scheduled to visit the "Pinnawala Elephant Sanctuary" in Pinnawalla. I was a bit more excited for it because in last two days it was the first time we were going out of MIMT. As I already mentioned MIMT was Mass Fabric Park and it was highly restricted. No one was allowed to cross the perimeter.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Last Night In Chalet 36

It was 7.30 in the evening when the sessions finally ended.
I was damn tired. The only thing was working in my mind “I need to go to chalet!”
On the way, putting my head quietly on the seat, I was looking through the window of our transport. It was dark already and that place was quieter than ever! I had already started counting the chalet as my home, and my room-mates as my family members! It was strange how I wanted to go back to the place and to those people when I was on the brink of collapsing due to tiredness.

Monday, February 24, 2014

I Have Ended Up Where I Needed To Go

This trip to Sri Lanka meant something very special to me. As I already told you, it was my first ever visit to abroad, leaving behind all my beloved ones, came here alone to make friends who even did not belong to anywhere near to me! 

With those lonely Islands, we had to make a choice. I felt this connected with my own journey. Here, I was uncertain every moment, what to choose; what not to chose; what to do; what not to do; Every time following my own instinct, trying to make bonds with the fellows who used to live thousands of miles away from me just a day ago. Sometimes a blank space was there like I am in a black-hole and everything around me was blending up in it. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Mysterious Islands : New Concept Of Sessions

Sharing stories and experiences of our Social Action Projects”: we did not call it a session, rather than it was a sharing part. Some Active Citizens volunteered and shared their exclusive stories that really helped us to know that in every corner of this world youth are doing such tremendous works to make a change, to bring a change! It was really very inspiring.
The team Bangladesh also took part in sharing. I told them about my SAP, which was “Active Citizens” Promised to Community Health-Care”, a health-camp in short. It was a successful event for our Active Citizens batch 13. Sazzat also contributed with his story about his SAP which was “Preventing Early Marriage”.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Country Presentation: Bangladesh, Our Pride

It was time for getting prepared. So...preparing for what?  
My Lovely Stall of Bangladesh
The most important part you may say.
The Country Presentation!
We ran towards the training room as we had only one hour for settling everything up.  We brought many traditional things with us that could represent the culture and the tradition of Bangladesh. I had brought some hand-made accessories and Nakshi Kantha (Designed hand-stitched wrapper) and some materials related to my country. And my co-partner Sazzat Hossain shopped on the night before our flight so I had no idea what he had got with him. But I insisted him consistently to shop from Aarong, which we called our most traditional shopping center and I also insisted him to take some Bangladeshi sweets so that we could welcome people in our stall by offering sweets.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sharing and Collaboration: That's how we learn better

My Team!
Well, learning was enough now it was time to play something really like a game-game and there we came forward to play the “name-game”! That was quite simple. You divide two teams each containing equal participants. You put a barrier between two teams and have to select one member from each team who will be participating in this game. The task is simple. Two of them will sit in front of each other though they will have a barrier of paper or curtain between them so that no one could know who might be the person sitting next. On the count of three the curtain will be dropped and the person who could tell the name of the person sitting in front of him first would win. This includes some elimination and cheating and every sort of element which is necessary to be in a game!! LOL

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sessions and Learning: Starting in Full Gear

12th January, 2014

Alarm started ringing about one and half hour ago but we were too tired or too lazy to leave the bed. It was 8 in the morning when Maya and I both had to wake up anyway. Observing the pin drop silence around all over the chalet we reckoned, either everyone had left for breakfast or no one had woken up yet. It turned out, not very surprisingly, that the second one was the correct assumption. We had to rush because today we got loads of stuffs to do. From 8.45am, the sessions were going to start plus we had our country representation after the lunch. I wore a Salwar Kameez. It occurred to me that it would be a thoughtful decision to wear a traditional dress for country representation.

Breakfast went as usual. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

ISV: The Road to Adam's Peak

The opening ceremony contained loads of excitement to taste and to venture whatever was new to me!  

We stood roundly and one by one, we introduced ourselves by answering 5 questions about our name, country,how long we were involved into Active Citizens, how long it took us to reach Colombo, and the meaning of our name. Well, when it came for my turn, I told them that my name had actually two meanings: in Bengali, it meant "soul", and in Carl Jung's analytical psychological term, it meant "the unconscious masculine part in a female". and all of a sudden everyone had a meaning of my name. "In Latin, Anima means enthusiastic!", said James. "Oh, and in Sinhali it means CraZzY!!" discovered Ajanthan. Dan specifically said what my name meant in Greek, unfortunately I do not remember it. I cried out "I don't want to know another meaning of my name!!" and I looked at everyone and there was smile in everyone's face, just like i was surrounded with a bunch of friends pulling my leg; friends, whom I knew for a long time.

Monday, February 10, 2014

First Sunrise in Lanka

January 11th, 2014

  • Good Morning!
It was a call from my parents that woke me. Their daughter was not only away from home but also from the country. They had a solid reason to worry about. I woke up completely. The first morning in Sri Lanka! We did not have any schedule today because all the participants were still coming. On this evening with the opening ceremony and welcome dinner our ISV was planned to begin officially. So we got a free day ahead. We got ready for breakfast and our car was there to pick us.

First morning in front of our Chalet, in Sri Lanka

Home Is The Place Where To Keep; Some Hopes & Dreams, Some Peaceful Sleep

MIMT Building

  • First Dine, Amazing Foods & Meeting A Platter Full Of New People

At dinner time we met Thushara and she was very lovely. Thushara was one of the hosts of Sri Lanka ISV and worked with British Council Society team on the Active Citizens Programme. I heard that she had eight years’ experience in organizing, planning, delivering and facilitating workshops and training programmes and what not! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Landing in Paradise

  • First Experience With Sri Lankan Cuisine

The flight was for 3 hours or so and there I got the very first chance to taste Sri Lankan Cuisine. Not offending anyone but it was a very bad experience for me. I had Chicken fried rice, fruits, juice and chocolate for lunch and I could not eat at all, not even the chocolate. And I got some kind of headache as well. That was the only side-effect I had by traveling on a plane. The view from the window was worth remembering; there were clouds after clouds. It was like I was in heaven. They were creamy; they were white. They were like ice bergs with various shapes and sizes and the ground, well it could hardly be seen. I could not see clouds for a very long time as I fell asleep and woke up when I heard the announcement of landing. I eventually came to know that they would announce about the landing around half an hour before they actually would land. I woke up and looked from the window and I would have regretted if I did not because at that time I had one of the most wonderful experiences of my life!

Beginning of A New Dawn

January 10th, 2014

  • When Police Is More Concerned About Security Than A Lonely Girl Traveling Abroad For The First Time

I was in the car; many things were jammed in my head. First flight; first ever visit to abroad, without parents, without any friend or relative, leaving everything behind. I was scared, excited, nervous, happy and sad and these multi-complex emotions made me feel almost dizzy. Yes, I was going to Sri Lanka, for almost 10 days, for my ISV that stands for International Study Visit, arranged by British Council and my mother organization, Centre for Communication Development(CCD), Bangladesh.