Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pasa Yard : My First Home In Nepal

Surprise On Landing!

It took a long time to get our visa. Though my happiness was doubled when I came to know that Nepal offers free VISA for every first-timer-visitors from SAARC countries! I went to take some selfies to celebrate my joy !

A Happy Selfie at Tribhuvan International Airport

I really liked that, it was just like honoring your neighbors who have come to visit your home for the first time. I heard that phrase used for several times "Atithi Narayan" (Guest is as honorable as a God) but that's the first time I had seen a nation demonstrating it's true meaning :)

Welcome to Kathmandu City

I could clearly remember that the weather was bright and shiny when we landed, but I fear that just to show the gesture of welcoming my first step in Kathmandu it started raining! And I was like "Yes-I-have-brought-a-raincoat-but-did-not-know-I-would-be-needing-that-this-fast"! Thank to Allah that we got the person who was to escort us from Airport to the place we would be staying, Pasa Yard.

And that person was the first Nepali guy we encountered with and he was our cab driver. the only thing I can say abut him that I was mesmerized by observing his capability of communicate in English so fluently! He almost talked like a native. He must be a professional, i assumed.

Introducing Pasa Yard

After 15 to 20 minutes we arrived to Pasa yard. It was not a Hotel but a beautiful dormitory found by some rising youth entrepreneurs as an attempt to provide a multipurpose venue like dormitory, coffee shop, training or meeting hall etc! They said Pasa means "Friend" and the name itself signified a unnamed bonding among those who were to come there. It was good to see that youths are nowadays coming up with different ideas and manipulating there ideas and efforts in versatile ways!
I wondered what my Dad would have said if I wanted to start an entrepreneurship like this!

People face hard time to leave the old stuffs, but they face even harder time to accept the new.

At The Entrance of Pasa Yard

Beauty In the Yard!

Lord Buddha Meditating, It Looked Even More Beautiful In The Night Time Under The Radium Light!

However, I liked the place. It was quite and calm and beautiful.
Every place has it's own smell, every house has it's own fragrance and I could smell the wet bricks, and subtle aroma of some wild flower. It was pacifying.. and finally I felt good in this whole day!!

That was the first place that embraced me with it's all warmth, my first home in Nepal, Pasa Yard.

(To be continued)