Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Australian Camp Part- 3

Night Falls Upon the Mountain

We lived upon the clouds for two days.  The wooden lodges of the Australian Camp turned into our den when it was impossible to stay outside of the blanket, and each night we fell into sleep hearing the sweet resonance of rain falling.
I remember the sound of thunders falling upon the Annapurna Mountain and extremely chilly wind coming through the minute gaps of our wooden door, and every time I felt I was alive.
Nights became cozy and full of laughter with Luis's stupid game of cards (well, I was hardly a winner, so it WAS stupid :p ). All WiFi and electricity were shut down after 10pm and it was like we were back to the primitive age of mankind.
The thrill and smell of adventure under the smoky light of hurricane- it gave me goosebumps time to time. Sometimes the reason was parented with the fear of leech getting under my blanket, but yes, what adventure is an adventure without a little fear of everything? :)

These are some snapshots of how evening changes its shades and colors and turns into an exotic mirror of surprise to nightfall.

Evening falling: Shades of cloud

Behind the cloud!

To the limitless freedom!


Fly and fly! Catch the sky!

Dinner time :D

It was the last night that we spent in Australian Camp. We missed the hot shower, pieces of cloud through our wooden window, snowy mountain floating around us like House of Greek Gods. Yet, the next venture was something really different and amazingly unique!
Will be back with our story of Trekking to the village Reebhan. :)

Stay tuned!