Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Special Post: 10 Reasons Why You Must Love Yourself!

Happy Valentines Day!

A day dedicated to love and acknowledgment of love celebrated by millions and billions has given me this thought totally out of the box.
For years after years I have been observing this day is particularly tagged for those people who are in love with each other. In few cases this day happened to be celebrated with family and friends for the acknowledgment of the love people have for their "other" relationships.

But today I would not talk about celebration of this day rather would share a particular idea that I have been thinking over the concept of Valentines Day.

You love you family, friends, relatives, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, kids, but what about YOU?
What about loving your own self?

From the "typical" concept of "loving ones own self" is termed as selfishness or those who love themselves are called narcissist, but seriously, think coming out of the box, without being selfish or narcissist, how can you live with yourself if you do not love yourself. After all you have to live with what you are, how you are and with all of your qualities and faults.
People often say, "I hate myself!"
How often you say that you love yourself?

You have to get the point clearly that self-compassion is not equal to selfishness, rather practicing self-compassion would lead you to a healthy, happy, respectful and blissful life.


Telling you right away.

Science Says It Is Important to Love Yourself

This is the five reasons scientists have given on the basis of different researches and experiments.

In short, loving yourself may get you through many ups and downs. You just have to believe.

But, other than the scientific talks I can give you more 10 reasons that exactly relate to your own life and the 10 reasons for which you must love yourself.
Love yourself because in spite of every obstacles you are still fighting.
Even if you are about to give up, love yourself because you still have not.
Love yourself because only you know how much you have tried, and still trying.
Love yourself because over your faults, you have some qualities to admire.
Love yourself because you are full of potentials and a resource to this world.
Love yourself because there will hardly anyone who would do this job for you.
========================================================================== Love yourself because you smile everyday and hope for a new sunshine.
Love yourself because you've known and understood yourself better than anyone.
.Love yourself because this you have cared for others, and did things to make others happy which sometimes people never knew.
Love yourself because of the good things you did, the little things you have achieved. Do not Judge in general, but think those little accomplishments just for your contentment. The things that have made you feel better, made you feel happy for a moment. Thank almighty. Because something is always better than nothing and you have managed to have "something" at least.

Why I Love Myself

I love myself, that's true. I am the princess of my own universe and I believe that in spite of every bad things I have in myself, I am positive about one thing that I can be a better person. Everyday I try to focus on that part. And I love myself because I TRY.
I make mistakes time to time, and I say to myself that this time I am learning. I make some horrible things that make me feel dying instantly; still, I try to see the coming moments that might heal the present with a better vision of future that might happen with my own actions.
I love myself because I have seen myself in my worst times and I am still fighting for a "better me". I love myself because I believe in myself as everyone should do.

I hope I have made my point clear.

Everyone should rule in their own world like a prince and a princess!

It's time you must give a thought on self-compassion and make a positive move towards your own betterment!

Here's a small and stupid idea to celebrate this love day also with your own being. Why don't you give yourself a treat on this day just to make sure you're having a quality time with your own self? Something little, a notebook or buy your favorite flower. Cook something you love to eat, or watch a movie yo wanted to see for a long time. Anything.  A moment just for yourself.
You would feel a lot better.
A lot.

So tell me, have you ever feel this way before?
If so how would you describe it?
Or do you have any objection with my thoughts?
Share and spread!

Positivity is the best!
So keep moving and keep smiling :)

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Thank you!