Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Scrap-Blog of 2014 : Off Topic

Normally we make scrapbooks to preserve our precious little, funny, sweet, weird, interesting memorable stack of events so that if sometime we want to look back, we don't have to brainstorm. We just can turn over the pages, and those memories are there, smiling back at us.
For this year, I am not making a scrapbook.
I will be making a scrap-blog.
Let's get a tour throughout the year of 2014 and see what memorable events have taken places.

This year has been the most eventful year of my life including so many memorable incidents. So here it goes, my Scrap-blog:

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Blogging Tips: 4 Basic Things To Keep In Mind In Order To Have A Successful Blog

I have noticed so far that every beginner blogger goes through one particular phase which usually decides whether you are going to be a successful blogger or not. If you can overcome the phase, the rest of the path is smooth as silk. But here is the challenge, because statistics says, 95% of bloggers just give up because they cannot pass through this one single phase in the beginning line. Success neither pop out of the window, nor falls from the sky, that's what we all know, but just not ready to accept. What I have learned in this nine months of my blogging period is that it's only my patience, confidence and consistency which had led me so far. Otherwise I don't have a sponsor to promote me, or a SEO expert boosting my blog up everyday. So how did I do it? 

Answer is simple. I won the basic battle against the most depressing state where most of the bloggers fail just because they suffer from uncertainty. 
Do you remember the one incident of your life when you cannot find your key and have searched in every possible and impossible places, but all the time the key was on the table right under your nose?
Yeah, the key is right under your nose.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Trek Notes:A Journey To Australian Camp- Amusement and Difficulties Part-2

Trek Notes: A Personal Journal
Day 2: From Annapurna Conservation Area to Australian Camp, Nepal
Height: 2000 meters from sea level
Time: Minimum 6 hours

Lunch Break

From the previous tale of my journey, the road was comparatively smooth, though it was full of small pebbles; but somehow the crushing sound of trodden pebbles under our restless feet gave me a sensation of adventure! After encountering with a handful new good and bad experiences, we came to know that we have already crossed half of the way, and indubitably, the easiest part is covered. We stopped by for a short lunch break and though I was really under a leech-traumatic condition, still I could not restrain myself from admiring how amazingly beautiful the place was; Such mind soothing greenary, mild green pulpy grasses, and a beautiful road going between the pine trees.

Here we stopped for lunch, not inside the place, outside of it :P

I never lived in heaven, but I was quite sure, Almighty has left a piece of it here. I went looking for more and found Anh and Dikshya chatting but something else had found me beforehand.