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My Scrap-Blog of 2014 : Off Topic

Normally we make scrapbooks to preserve our precious little, funny, sweet, weird, interesting memorable stack of events so that if sometime we want to look back, we don't have to brainstorm. We just can turn over the pages, and those memories are there, smiling back at us.
For this year, I am not making a scrapbook.
I will be making a scrap-blog.
Let's get a tour throughout the year of 2014 and see what memorable events have taken places.

This year has been the most eventful year of my life including so many memorable incidents. So here it goes, my Scrap-blog:

January 2014

  • 10th January: First Flight 

Unfortunately I don't have any picture of my first flight, but a bunch of interesting memories which includes the story of how I got the wing seat (to read the story visit here)

  • 10th January: First Visit to Abroad

My first sentence after getting off the plane was "I cannot believe that I made it! "
I was selected for International Study Visit in Sri Lanka 2014 by British Council and it was my first expedition to Sri Lanka. I spent 10 days including visit to Thulhiriya, Pinnawala, Kandy, Dumbara Valley, and in the end Colombo. I made many friend including some locals, some internationals and above all, I came back with a bunch of unforgettable memories :)
To read the stories of my Sri Lanka Expedition, visit here.

Taken in Kandy, Sri Lanka

  • 11th January: Took Part in International Study Visit 2014 in Sri Lanka

I met 28 wonderful enthusiastic youth leader emerging from different corners of the world. We were 30 participants in total from UK, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Egypt and Bangladesh. We worked and learned together. I developed my leadership and communication skill, skill of adaptation and management, grew experience on team-work and public speaking. Overall it was an amazing workshop. We came back with a promise to work for the betterment of our community.

A Group Photo with the Team, Youth Leaders and Facilitators.

February 2014

  • 7th February: First Blog-Post

I wanted to write about my expedition and my experiences. I started with no clue, just a desire to write. However I ended up becoming a full time addicted blogger! haha!
That's another story, but that very day was a life-changing day of my life.

The Previous View of My Blog

March 2014

  • 10th March: Meeting South Asian Regional Director of Active Citizens, Mr. Stephan Roman

I along with other Youth Leaders from various sectors of Bangladesh attended a meeting and open discussion with Asia's Regional Director Mr. Stephan Roman, and discussed on various issues which we, the youths of today were facing in this country. Demands were made that we needed a platform to raise our voice; the voice of youths needed to be heard but we were being neglected like always. The discussion also included the reformation of Education system. It was a great day indeed!

A Group Photo with Asia's Regional Director and British Council Officials and 9 other Youth Leaders

To visit the full album, click here.

  • 26th March: Birth of My Second Niece

The youngest member of our family, Aniya Aretina Chowdhury  was born on this special day. She is the most beautiful and angelic little fellow who is never ready to get settled for a moment!

Do I need to say anything else?

  • 29th March: Active Citizens Achievers' Summit 

Attended Active Citizens Achievers' Summit in Dhaka, as a participant and a speaker. It was a day full of engagement and activities of Active Citizens. Well, if you are wondering what Active Citizens is then let me tell you it is a program initiated by British Council in which the next generation is prepared to become the tomorrow's leader, an active volunteer and social worker who works for the betterment of the community.

Appeared on stage as a speaker

April 2014

  • 12th April: Workshop on Model United Nations (MUN)

It was a day long outstanding opportunity for the students of school/College/ University in Rajshahi to know about Model United Nations (MUN) including leadership, networking, diplomacy, policy-making and more. This workshop was conducted by United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh (UNYSAB) in association With Rajshahi University Model United Nations Association (RUMUNA). It was a great experience for me.


  • 30th April: Selected for International Sustainability School in Nepal

I got selected for a 12 day long program named International Sustainability School 2014 which is designed for new skills, friends, ideas and inspiration. It was an opportunity to learn more about sustainability and change-making. I was more than excited because the camp would have been held just behind the ‪Himalaya‬ and the program involves trekking and camping and all other sorts of adventures which I had dreamed of so far!

May 2014

  • 12th May: Bought Canon SX 280 Power Shot

After unfortunate expiration of my previous Boyfriend (cam IXUS 9525), finally bought my this hunk! Excellent low light performance. Got a digit 6 processor and that's why it's super fast. Can take 12 full resolution photo in a second. It will allow you to take long exposure photos as well (15 sec). Lowest aperture is 3.5 that means it performs like a kit lens of a DSLR.
A Brand new compact Camera was all that I wanted!

  • 31st May: My Brother's Birthday

His 38th Birthday was celebrated with delicious food and a warm gathering of family members.
On Bhaia's Birthday!

  • 31st May: Started Writing for Dhaka Insider

I started to write for Dhaka Insider, an Online Publication and Trend Magazine. As expected, my blog played a great role to grab this opportunity. To read my first Article published in Dhaka Insider visit here.

June 2014

  • 14th June: Trip to Nepal

Finally I set off for Nepal to attend International Sustainability School 2014. I stayed 14 days including the visit to Kathmandu, Pokhara, Annapurna Conservation Area (Bhadoure), Australian Camp, and Reebhan. I had some wonderful companions and friends from Nepal, Vietnam, Tanzania, Colombia, India and Pakistan. This would be one of the most cherished trip of my life.
To read more about the trip visit here.

Taken in Thamel, Kathmandu

  • 15th June: Took Part in International Sustainability School

Took part in International Sustainability School 2914 in Nepal with some awesome fellow, Bijaya Raj Poudel, Samrat Katwal, Sanjog Shrestha, Jessica, Diksya, Anh, Pavan, Shakeel, Khalid, and Luis.

The Group Photo

  • 18th June: First Trekking

Yes, I never thought I could do this. Climbing up almost 3000 meters, seemed quite impossible for me, but as a matter of fact I loved it in the end.
To read all the stories of my trekking visit here.

  • 19th June: Seeing the Magnificence of Himalaya

It was like a dream coming true. Seeing the Himalaya, and the Annapurna Range- it appeared to be like the deep white heaven floating around you piercing through the thick clouds.

Annapurna Range

July 2014

  • 12th July: My First Portrait

He will always be one of the most special persons in my life as a friend, a brother, a sharer. He is an outstanding artist too.
The one significant moment of my life was the time when he handed me over my first portrait sketched by him. I admit I cried, and it meant a lot to me.
Thank you +md. saogatur rahman , for being with me, always!

Sketch by +md. saogatur rahman 

August 2014

  • 1st August: Hitting the Madness of a Cousin's Wedding 

Wedding in Bangladesh is always embedded with colorful rituals and fun. My cousin's wedding did not fall far from the concept!
It was awesome with so many colorful memories.

Cousin's Wedding

  • 9th August: The Super-Moon!

I took at least 55 shots to get one clear picture of the Super-Moon. It was all enthusiastic. My Dad started complaining at a point because it was almost mid-night and I was still very far from taking a tolerable shot.
Though my persistence paid off!
Another moment of 2014, The Super-Moon:

The Super Moon

  • 28th August: Hangout with a Long-Gone Friend 

Meeting one of my closest friend Oishee after more than one year was undoubtedly a great package of surprise for me! Had a crazy hangout and awesome food!

September 2014

  • 5th-7th September: 2014 Asian Literacy Conference & 3rd National Conference of Teachers

It was a great experience to work in an International Conference organized by International Reading Association (IRA), Bangladesh Reading Association (BRA), Dhaka Ahsania Mission and Campaign for Popular Education (CPE)
This Conference undoubtedly created a better learning platform for me, and It was an absolute pleasure to work with such an excellent documentation team !
It's a matter of wonder how people get connected through their networking and share bonding through and through.

The Documentation Team!

  • 10th September: Reunion with ISV Team over Skype

It was an AWESOME moment when I saw all those golden old faces together greeting me after a long time. One of the most precious experiences that I had after joining Active Citizens – British Council that getting the opportunity of ISV in Sri Lanka in which I met some wonderful people! Thanks to +touhida aurin who thought of calling me, Thanks to +Gayan Rajapaksha  who called me all the way from Sri Lanka and Thanks to Skype calling technology that made it all possible after all.
After all these days I met Daniel, Michael, Thushara, Ajanthan, Rajive, Sachinda, and Safra. :)

Old Faces

  • 18th September: Leibster Award 

This was the most unexpected incident of all when a wonderful blogger named +Erin Tracy  nominated for Leibster award. It might not seem much, but as a beginner blogger it was one of the most inspirational moments that actually generated strength for carrying out blogging.

  • 21st September: Became a Sub editor of Dhaka Insider

Yes, a promotion from contributor to author, and from author to Sub-Editor. Certainly made my day!

  • 22nd September: Gift from Sri Lanka

My friend Rajive sent me this beautiful bracelet for me from Sri Lanka.
How can I sum up all the affection together? :')

The Beautiful Bracelet Came from Sri Lanka

  • 23rd September: 44th Anniversary of my Parents

This was my first and don't know, may be the last and most weird selfie with them. It's one of the rarest moments or may be the only moment when they are both smiling in the same photo. What can be a better memory than this?
I would like to point out, we attempted for six or seven times to get one perfect picture, but in the end, its me who ruined it.
Though, its their day, ignore me, and see them smiling. :)

My Abbu, Ammu, and Me!

  • 28th September: A Morning Walk to The Padma River Bank

River Padma has always been a matter of glory for us. It has enhanced the beauty of our city, proved to be the symbol of purification, fertility, and prosperity. It was my first time I took a walk to the river bank so early the morning, and it was magical. Some incidents simply touch your heart and stay there forever.
My beautiful Rajshahi, my small home-town.

Taken at the Bank of River Padma, at 6.00am

  • 28th-30th September: Food Hunt

I am generally known as food-lover, in short they call a foodie! This was a crazy idea to begin with. Food Hunt : To hunt down all the good foods of my small city, Rajshahi. It started like a fun and ended up with more fun! I almost ticked down every delicacy I marked on. I appreciate the one friend +RAFI Digonto  who stick with me during my crazy plan and made it actually happen!
To see the full album, visit here.

Food Hunt!

  • 29th September: Last Class of B.A.

A journey of almost five years, with these classrooms, with these old faces and with my lovely campus of University of Rajshahi-and finally we were done. Almost. We attended our last class of BA Honors and finally it was actually time for Graduation! Though, almost everyone else was missed here, but still a memory was must to be saved.

From left, +Tanjimul chowdhury , +RAFI Digonto , +Anima Choudhury , +Aminul Opu and Tania Akhter

October 2014

  • 21st October: Invitation to Become Author of Wall Street International Magazine

The opportunity came with both surprise and shock. When I received the invitation to become an author of one of the leading online publication +Wall Street International Magazine it actually blew my mind off. All I wanted some recognition and finally my blogging was paying off.

The Invitation 

November 2014

  • 7th November: My Childhood Friend Gets Married

Attended the wedding of my childhood friend Mou, It was a great pleasure to see her getting married happily.

Bride with the Bride's Maids!

  • 8th November: My Graduation Final Starts

Finally after long-term troubling period of waiting, my Graduation Final Exam started on this day.

Messed up for exams -_-

  • 9th November: My Birthday

So what my exam had started? A Birthday is always a Birthday, Full of surprises and fun :)

  • 21st November: My 1st Article Published on Wall Street International Magazine

I was waiting for one month to see my article being published on +Wall Street International Magazine. Could not suppress my happiness after finally it came on live.

Here is the link.

December 2014

  • 13th December: My Blog Hits 10k Viewers

It was my dream to hit 10k viewers within less than three months! And finally the moment of glory happened!

  • 20th December: Completion of My Graduation Final

It would sound weird, but yes, my Graduation Final ended after more than 1 month of torment. I became a Graduate... almost!
Certainly it was the greatest achievement in the end of the year.

  • 25th December: My Another Childhood Friend Gets Married

My another childhood friend Sigma gets married in the end if this year and it was a blast!

With Sigma, the gorgeous bride!

With a new hope, and new inspiration, I wish you all a very Happy New Year!
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