Friday, August 1, 2014

How We Share Global Bonding Through Traveling: A Heart-Touching Story

Sometimes, you should get out of the track for a while, because it makes the taste different!
Today I am going to write about something "off topic"  again, but it would not be very heavy; It's a short and cute and a simple story about a bunch of crazy passionate and moreover loving people from various corners of this Earth!

And... Yes, I am on this list too! But I absolutely do not feel like bragging myself because being in the group of those awesome people eventually tags me with their awesome-st qualities too!!

The story begins with their ending of one journey together; The one journey that connected them; The one journey where they shared laughter, pain, both happy and sad moments, scary and ecstatic experiences; They teased each other like friends on any chance they got and also appreciated and supported each other like a family; The one journey that brought those incomplete beings into a complete one; The one journey where they lived another life in another world!