Friday, August 1, 2014

How We Share Global Bonding Through Traveling: A Heart-Touching Story

Sometimes, you should get out of the track for a while, because it makes the taste different!
Today I am going to write about something "off topic"  again, but it would not be very heavy; It's a short and cute and a simple story about a bunch of crazy passionate and moreover loving people from various corners of this Earth!

And... Yes, I am on this list too! But I absolutely do not feel like bragging myself because being in the group of those awesome people eventually tags me with their awesome-st qualities too!!

The story begins with their ending of one journey together; The one journey that connected them; The one journey where they shared laughter, pain, both happy and sad moments, scary and ecstatic experiences; They teased each other like friends on any chance they got and also appreciated and supported each other like a family; The one journey that brought those incomplete beings into a complete one; The one journey where they lived another life in another world!

I already said, my story starts at the moment they said goodbye and came back to their own countries. At first, the boy from Colombia left at the very dawn, and the morning sun though rose as usual, but it did not bring the brightness with it. And then the one from Pakistan took the next flight making the vivid morning even darker. Next day another two of them, one boy and a girl, took their flight back to Bangladesh, another girl took the flight to Vietnam. Finally, one boy from India made his voyage to his country and the last flight was taken by the boldest one, the girl from Tanzania.

And they left other four members of the family in Nepal..

I am saying it again, this is just the beginning.
It is a story that is the biggest prove that distance never matters when the bonding is so strong. It even makes us closer with every action we take for each other.

Last evening, the boy from Colombia, Luis, knocked the girl from Bangladesh, well that was me!
He knocked me saying, tomorrow is our sister's  Birthday and I utterly got astonished that if he actually meant to say that to me when I got his message. Then he clarified that yes, he actually meant me and he was talking about the youngest member and our sister, the girl from Nepal, Dikshya Ayer.

Dikshya Ayer, The Birthday Girl

Given the "distance" factor, we knew that even if we wanted from the core of our heart, we would be not able to do everything we wished to do for her but yes, we could still do something surprising and there the idea occurred to me.

Luis knocking!

Finally making the plan

It would be simple collage of picture saying "Happy Birth Day Dikshya We Miss You" but what would be "something really surprising and touching" was that we all would be sending the message together by splitting the words and each writing one word on a paper and holding it with hands and taking a selfie with that.
The only problem with this plan was not everyone was available. Anh, the girl from Vietnam, she was busy with her works and for several days I did not see a trace of her; Shakeel, the one from Pakistan happened to have vanished in someway. And, the toughest one was the participant from India, because he got no facebook account and where he was living now had really limited internet connection. And the last devil we got in our way was "Time".
The Birthday was just next day, and today was almost over. It was really impossible to wait for anyone and we were not sure whether we would be able to get everyone within this short time.
Still with a back-up plan on we decided to give it a try!

Luis immediately opened up a group chat named "Dikshya's Birthday" and added everyone.
Jess, the girl from Tanzania was the first and quicker one to response. And she was so enthusiastic and supportive that with her energy I felt that may be it's going to be possible.

Jess, and then Khalid, from Bangladesh, they sent their photo right away. I separately tried to catch Anh and Shakeel, but found no sign of them on internet. Jess kept thinking of alternative ways so that we could manage it even without those who were unreachable.

Jessica, from Tanzania

Khalid from Bangladesh

Luis from Colombia

Well, it might seem easy to do such thing for anyone, but when you are living in the busiest and tightest schedule, do not have the time to breathe for a moment, having hundreds of thinking and pressure on your head, trust me, it takes a lot of care and dedication, and above all the true will to do something to actually make it happen.
All of us, living in a separate countries, leading our own busy life and still making the efforts, that's not possible if we had not wanted it from our heart, all of us; You measure the intensity of any relationship not with the big things, but rather the small, tiny parts.
Anyone will save you when you will be drowning in the water or having a car accident, that person even dont need to know you personally, but not everyone will say "why have you not dried your hair properly? you will catch a cold!"
That, we call the intensity of a relationship, a bonding where we share the tiniest parts of our lives :)

Me! from Bangladesh ofcourse :P

Finally, in the middle of day, while Dikshya's Birth Day was already going on, Anh noticed the group chat, with Almighty's endless blessings! Now it was only Pavan and Shakeel.

Anh from Vietnam

In the most crucial moment somehow Jess managed to get me the contact number of Pavan, and as soon as I had his number, I called him. But he did not receive.
I called him thrice, but he did not response.

It was almost evening and we still had not filled up our vacant positions yet; this made me worried a little bit. I was already very busy with my cousin's wedding, barely could manage any free time to think or contact to anyone for a back up plan.

Finally, after an hour I decided to give Pavan one more call.

It felt so good to hear his voice finally!!
And rest of the story is summing up all the efforts of us I just made a quick collage of the pictures and finally came up with the surprise we planned for Dikshya :)
Though I really wish we could get a hold onto Shakeel; it was unfortunate.

Finally reached Pavan

Pavan from India

I am extremely happy to see the strength of our team work even after so many days have passed and even after living  in different countries within such a short time in such a busy schedule!

And.... this is the collage, birthday surprise for Dikshya :)

And here, the story does not end, rather begins :)
Love you All!!

(Keep your eyes on! )