About Me

>> Academic Qualification: B.A. English Language & Literature, University of Rajshahi
>> Work Experience: Sub-editor, Dhaka Insider (Online Publication of Bangladesh)
                             Author of Wall Street International Magazine (WSI)
                             Youth Leader and Social Activist, CCD Bangladesh, British Council
>> Personal Interest: Traveling, Blogging, Photography, Public Speaking, Leadership

Life is too short, It should not be wasted by being a corporate machine of money! I want to live it it fully; I believe in versatility, and also that, destiny might be the final option, but that is not stopping you from trying. Love writing, travelling, photography, arts and culture and I appreciate changes that are good. I am also a social activist. I am dedicated, but a bit hyper. I am persistent, but have mood swings.

I am generally driven by my passion and instincts.I would love to be a travel blogger, but I also want to do something for my community. I consider myself as a foodie and adventures lure me the most! Giving up is not the draw back I am born with, I might have many others!! :P
In short, that's me.
Details gonna take long long years!


Anima Choudhury