Saturday, November 15, 2014

Trek Notes:A Journey To Australian Camp- Amusement and Difficulties Part-1

Trek Notes: A Personal Journal
Day 2: From Annapurna Conservation Area to Australian Camp, Nepal
Height: 2000 meters from sea level
Time: Minimum 6 hours

Though I already posted all the stories about my first trekking, so you might start to think what's so special in the next day? What is the difference?

So, let me tell you, that even if you trek for days after days, each and every day will be a new day revealing a bunch of new experiences, discovering a newer self within you on every step you take. That is what trekking is.
It is not a mere walk, it's a poetry. Every time you read, you find a new meaning.

A new morning, a beautiful one! <3

The next morning started with a new zeal.
With good food and sound sleep I was totally recovered from the previous day's effects of trekking. No pain, no sore-foot. And this day, I did not repeat my mistake yo carry out everything with me! I shifted most of the stuffs to porters. It was amazing in the morning, the vague foggy sky tinted with bright orange beams from the eastern sky, and we were taking breakfast outside, under the open sky, breathing the fresh air!

I told you about how warmly the family welcomed our team with full rituals and respect in my previous post, so it was utterly not possible that they would have bid us goodbye without a proper farewell, wasn't it?
With their wishes, prayers and love we started our second and final journey to the Australian Camp. Though I hardly knew what amusements were waiting for me!

Warm Farewell, such generous people

A group photo taken just before we left for Australian camp

Remember, Height Matters

Soon enough we started walking, I started to feel my legs as heavy as stones. I was so happy in the morning that I was absolutely fit and ready to go! But as soon as we were on trail, the dramatic road changed the whole scenario.
yes, height matters, specially when you are trekking for the first time. The height makes you exhausted before you could even comprehend the matter! Though the journey made me drooped now and then, I tried to minimize the effects as much as possible by taking a moment break or breathing deeply or just by sitting down for a while.
See? we came along all the way.. :D

And we have all the way to go... -_-
yep, me sitting

My 'sitting tendency' tempted Samrat to speak out the ultimate threat which I did not want to hear at all.
"Don't sit, you might get bitten by leeches."

The news gave me goosebumps immediately. Well, it is kind of true that I had never seen a leech before; getting bitten by it was something that I would not even occur in my remotest imagination. Though I instantly became alarmed, but the road had planned something else for me!

Be Aware Of The Silent Blood-Suckers

The path was stony and shaggy; an unsmooth way leading us to the green valley. My feet became as heavy as metal as I climbed up and up. My movements gradually slowed down and at a point I couldn't resist but to sit down.

Those shaggy roads

As I previously mentioned about Luis and Jess, and ofcourse their super speedy trekking, and this time Dikshya and Anh also crossed me. Bijaya was leading the way so he was in front of them.
I had Shakeel, Khalid and Samrat behind me, and the porters.
With my heavy feet I felt I can never stand up again, and at that moment I felt slightly itchy on my right foot. My heart beat stopped immediately, I slightly pulled up my trouser and there it was. A black blood sucking LEECH!
I started screaming even before I saw it clearly.
I went blank cause at that time nothing mattered but the thought that a crawling black leech was on my foot, sucking my blood! It was first time. I know it would sound super weird, but its true that even if in my country I never encountered with a leech in these all years. All of my friends joked on this particular part that I went to Nepal to get bitten by leech :P

Leech on my shoe

However, I screamed and called the first name popped up in my head, who was leading the way from behind. Samrat. I am sure he too thought that I was attacked by an anaconda or something, I screamed so hard. Luckily a porter was crossing the way while I was shouting at the top of my voice with both of my eyes closed cause I didn't want to see that creepy thing. He somehow removed it, and finally I stopped.
With a heavy sigh I opened up my eyes, and then I saw Samrat's face from the left corner, I don't remember he was smiling or not, just heard him saying, it's okay!
But I knew, it was DEFINITELY not okay.
It was bleeding hard. But if you ever get bitten by leech, do not try to stop the blood flowing, cause it might have left some impure blood inside and it's better to let it flow away.
Later on I had three more leeches during the trek even if I checked in every five minutes! It took four long days for me to get over with the leech-trauma, and to accept finally that it's actually okay!

Wild Fruits

I moved on with my bloody foot cursing everyone else thinking why no one else is getting bitten by leeches ! Meanwhile Pavan saved me from another leech which was crawling up on my shoe super fast to get in. To my least mental peace, Samrat said that he might have a leech inside his shoe; And yes, he had a small, thin, wet, black leech, have not yet sucked much blood. As he removed it from his socks I tried to inquiry how do you understand that there is a leech sucking your blood.
In middle of my inquiry Pavan called me back to show that Bijaya had found some wild fruits. It had small bids and orange colored, tasted like somewhat orange, and was absolutely juicy. It somehow made me to forget about my agony and tension I was having out of my trauma.


Left me behind

Journey is Poetry

And we continued our journey. We had almost crossed the half way through and already been told that till now, it was the easiest way, cause roads get more difficult as we pursue. But you would not believe even if I had some walking issue, and even if I had the thing with leech, as long as I was on the road, it made me fall in love slowly, just like you fall asleep. At first you struggle a little, face a little difficulty then slowly all at once. Among everything I saw, I experienced, I enjoyed, the road allured me the most, I don't know why. I don't think I could have had a better memory to cherish than this. Even the leeches makes me laugh when I remember those incidents nowadays. Journey is always beautiful.. like a poetry, it has rhythm, music and feelings.

Pavan :D

Pines :)

That is how he tempted me to climb up even if I had height phobia :(

No caption, Bijaya just too much fond of heights 

I would like to share one I wrote that was dedicated to my journey.

Free, Like A Caged Bird

Scratched my soul with the knife of freedom
it cut through my veins
and left deep marks
do you know what they called it?
They called it the marks of norms, and rules, and those endless chains

I whispered,
I dared,
Have I dared?
To touch the untouched
To love the condemns
To fly in the cage
I dared
Have I?

I ran in a desert, thousands of miles away
In a dark starry night where those stars showed me the path
And ran till I catch my breathe
And I look upon the magnificence
What I could see is the endless dots of infinity glowing and glowing
Is it only I to dream?
Is it only I who dare?
To feel the impossible
To think the unimaginable
To find what was never, never mine..

I witnessed the storm
In a wooden tree house
Heard thunders like the roars of Greek Gods
And I felt the warmth of a cold scary night
In a lonely forest, middle of deep green
Dreams, they say
would be the form of customs
It would never be the shape of self-exploration

And I whisper
I dared
Have I?
for once?
To search for what was never, never mine..

yeah, that is how it came up, A free bird, ready to fly, even though she fears a little, she just needs a little temptation :)

By the way, I am just on the middle of my journey, so if I am leaving you right here, that is because I only expect you to come back to read another half!
Till then, remember, Life is a journey too, feel and live it.
Like my this journey, the journey of life comes just once. Just once.