Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Australian Camp Part- 2

Camp Behind The Himalaya

Enjoying the beauty of majestic Himalaya was not the only goal, rather we had come here to absorb something more from the nature. I have always believed that we always learn better when we're close to nature. Trust me, mother nature is the greatest of all the teachers. And everyday mother nature is teaching us the most important lesson of our lives: how to live.

Do not let the smoke, bricks and coins embrace you, or you'd get alienated from the core of the nature, and you'd forget how to live, and eventually you'd forget yourself.

This International Sustainability School's camp had opened up a new dimension in front of me and we learned a lot, through laughing and at the same time depth of sincerity. This is what I am going to tell you today.


Learning Through Session & Fun

This session contained a simple task.
We were divided into two groups and one participant volunteered to play the central role. We hid a chocolate inside the pen-holder and Dikshya had to find the chocolate by following the directions of two groups, BUT, not both of the groups would tell her the right direction. One group would be speaking the truth, and another would be trying to misguide her. And that's the game if she can reach the chocolate or not!

In our everyday life we're like this blindfolded girl. Everyone is trying to guide us, some in a right way and some in a wrong way. It's up to us how we're judging, reacting and making decision in the end. 

Participants' Sessions

It was time for the participants to take some sessions on their personal experience on sustainability and leadership skills.
The sessions were very informative and hit us with some intriguing ideas.

  • Khalid was a lawyer; his session as was about environmental laws: what people could do. and could not do to environment.
  • Shakeel took a session on social mobilization; being a social mobilizer he discussed the odds and obstacles and how to overcome those with persistence.
  • Luis came with an interesting idea of plastic recycling and the alarmingly increasing amount of oil consumption which could lead this world to a mortal peril. And also discuss that how Norway is trying to reduce the rate of consumption by raising awareness and turning it into a real action. 

This learning session had a great impact on our minds and souls. Best is the way when you let yourself perceive through not eyes, but heart, understand through not logic, but realization, demonstrate your knowledge not on others, but on yourself and instead of thinking how to shape the box, you think how to go beyond the box.

Last but not the least, quoting from  +LES BROWN :

"When are you going to live your own life? It has been said that most people die at age 25, but do not get buried until age 65. Are you living a dead life? Many people exist with their real lives on hold. Do not deprive the world of experiencing the real you!

Release your talents, use your abilities, and live with a spirit of adventure and boldness. Create a life where you make a difference, and leave your mark. You have GREATNESS within you! Express it!

So what say you?
Are you dead already?
or planning to die soon without letting the world know what you truly are!

Please share your views.
I would be back soon with my valentines' day special post!
Keep an eye on!

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