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Turn Your Greatest Weakness Into Your Greatest Strength: Guest Blogger Post by Traci Lawrence

"It's an honor for me to have Traci Lawrence, an insightful author who's sharping her intellect and potentials through blogging side by side. She has honored me with an excellent post on lifestyle category in which she has radiated the power of turning your greatest weakness into your greatest strength.
I enjoyed her writing.
She has a deep ocean of thoughts to share.
Let's find out her secrets!"

~Anima Choudhury ( )

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For me, life is constantly changing. I am always discovering new questions, new answers, and new points to ponder. The learning never ends. Here’s an example of the paradoxes that are ever present: our greatest weaknesses often become our greatest strengths.

Strengths can begin as the seed of a frailty; sometimes, it’s an overpowering limitation. For instance, many athletes have overcome health concerns. Many performers have surmounted timidity and a fear of rejection. Numerous writers have pushed through being isolated and ostracized.
Successful people have a way of ruthlessly shaping themselves, similar to clay on a potter’s wheel, until they are satisfied with the hard-won finished product. The J.K. Rowlings push past poverty and physical abuse; the Barbra Streisands overcome their timidity; the Ghandis push past violence and marginalization.

Where does that leave the rest of us?

That leaves the rest of us wherever we choose to be; it’s all up to us. The prominent people mentioned above had to confront their greatest weaknesses on their own; that’s a difficult proposition! Yet, they made the life-changing decision to face down their fear and timidity in order to move forward. Until they identified and embraced their frailties, they were blocked.

We can also move forward through whatever obstacles may seem to be insurmountable. In order to accomplish this, we will need to admit that we aren’t perfect and work to improve our weakest points. There are some medical and social concerns that may seem to be beyond our control—at least for the moment. Aside from that, many frailties can be conquered little by little.

An Example of Triumphing

I began my journey to writing (and promoting my work) about eight months ago. At that time, I didn’t really know what “social media” or “post” meant. I didn’t even know what a blog was. I barely had a presence on Facebook and LinkedIn. I used my computer about one hour a day for e-mail only.
Now, I am addicted to everything related to blogging and social media. (Just ask my family!) If I got paid for all the time I spend on the computer, my salary might rival that of a high-level business executive. Alas, I don’t get paid. (Well, barely, for my book.) My payment consists of the feeling of empowerment I receive when I consider how much I’ve learned in the recent past. I have turned my social media weakness into a strength (obsession).

The Last Word:

So, what weakness have you “stomped on”?

About Our Guest Blogger:

Traci Lawrence is an author and blogger. She lives with her family in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Traci writes about her passions: history, current events, and relationships. Please visit her main blog and view her self-help book, Accept No Trash Talk

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