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Trek Notes:A Journey To Australian Camp- Amusement and Difficulties Part-3

Trek Notes: A Personal Journal
Day 2: From Annapurna Conservation Area to Australian Camp, Nepal
Height: 2000 meters from sea level
Time: Minimum 6 hours

Road Gets Difficult

It was the last phase and may be the most difficult phase of our trekking. As we went up higher, the road got more narrow, shabby and slippery. We wanted to have sticks in order to support ourselves while climbing up, but our two mentors said that it was quite risky as well. Because in case we slip and fell in an awkward position, our sticks might stab us accidentally. However we managed to get some sticks and hoped that nothing would happen in the name of Almighty. Not to mention the sticks were not helping much. The weather was pretty cool itself, but after two minutes of walking my skin started to burn from underneath, and I took off my scarf to get some air around my neck.
It took a lot of toil, but now when I remember my journey, sitting on a cozy chair, clicking  my restless keyboard, recalling its each and every moment, and portraying it with words, I know that was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Samrat and Shakeel, making their way

Worth Resting for !

This is the way, see it?

Hail Trekkers!

As the road gets difficult, the trekking part gets more and more interesting with really amusing twists and turns! You have to jump over the rocks, take narrow turns and at some point it turns into a competition of who gets first to the destination!
Our faces turned red, clumsy with heavy breathing, and totally wet with heavy sweating. However, we could use some photos, right? ;)



We Are Red and Totally Worn Off!

And More Blisters

Finally the moment of accomplishment arrived. We got our last trail to the Australian Camp. We saw a caravan carrying stuffs to the camp, probably foods and other things. We passed by the caravan and then saw it all of a sudden! The Australian Camp, hell of a place. I wish I could submerged into its enchanted beauty once and for all, but something came up in the way. I felt a sharp pain beside the one blister I had already got. I would not deny it was itching for a past few hours but I paid no attention to it. Now all of a sudden it had gotten worse.  And, yes that's how I got even a bigger blister than the previous one that made me suffer for a long, long time.
Even after I came back to Bangladesh it took one and half weeks to completely cure.

Horses that are used to carry stuffs

Australian Camp

At first glance it seemed like a place of fairy tales. I could not catch my breath because of the excitement, seeing the clouds beneath my feet, I was literally living among them, so close to the sky! And the majestic, mighty Himalaya was just behind us!

The camp was established by some Australians, who found it hiker-friendly and fairly easy trek at the beautiful foothills of the Annapurna. Through the whole journey you would enjoy the ravishing view over the valleys and the breathtaking sight of the Annapurna Mountain range.
You know the most amazing fact about the height? Though it might scare the hell out of you, you would never get bored. I could spend the whole day and night holding up an aromatic cup of coffee, its smoke rising forever, taking little sips and watching those dazzling turnings of colors and shades, and clouds, and deep white snow, the absolute calm around me with a slight feeling of excitement. The Australian Camp was a place the likes of which I have never been to, and truly, it made me amazed to see how this world is full of surprises.

A Vague Glimpse. But There Is Much More

And I Was in Love

What I can say else? This journey has made me fall in love with the roads, with the small pebbles I have passed by, with the murmuring of leaves I heard, with cold winter breeze that listened to my whispering and shared the journey with me, and above all, I had totally fallen in love with this journey, and everything about it.
Perhaps that's why I always fall prey to its enchanted memories, because I have fallen in love with the whole journey deeply, and madly, like a bird that loves the sky knowing that it cannot hold the sky with its small wings, but still has devoted its heart so that it might shine like a little star into the heart of its beloved sky.

This is my last poem I wrote during the journey.
Hope you would like it. 

Let Me In

Don't close the window
Let me in
Like the eastern wind carrying the sweet fragrance of my longing
Not everything is meant to achieve completion
Not every dream has the way to it's destination
Yet, they remain in hearts
with thousands of unspoken words..

Don't close the window
Let me in
with those barefooted memories silently walking
Let me live in those
Let me live so that I could feel the warmth even in the cold of mid December
whenever you cherish it with a warm smile wishing that if it would have lasted forever..

Don't, please
I beg you on my knees
Let my heart beats flow through the window
Whenever you hear the rain dropping you would know
Yes, it's me, haunting days and nights
Let me see you at your extreme worst and best times
I want to know
What makes you smile, and what makes you sad
And I will live, right here, where you had
your morning tea, your favorite books, your closest dreams and the last peaceful sleep
I will live, within deep
You can't touch, you can't see
But you will know it's always me
As long as you won't close the window
As long as you don't close the window..

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