Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Australian Camp Part -1

Our feet finally touched the peak of Australian Camp. The Australian Camp was established by some Australians, who found it hike-friendly and fairly easy trek in the beautiful foothills of the Annapurna. Through the whole journey we had enjoyed the ravishing eyeshot over the valleys and breathtaking sight of the Annapurna Mountain range. But for now, we were relieved to see the beautiful wooden lodges and also restlessly waiting to get a hot shower.

Wooden Lodges Where We Stayed

Specially my case was one of the worst. I had three leeches on my leg and those caused my legs to bleed profusely. But here's the thing, you are not suppose to wipe out the blood from a leech-bite because there is a possibility that when you had removed the leech, it might have left some impure blood in your veins. So it's better to let the blood flow so that the impure blood may get out. As a result, my legs were all covered in congealed blood, desperately sweating, and the whole body was on the verge of collapsing.

Even in this state of my body and mind, I could not help admiring the beauty of Australian Camp. At the first glance it seemed like a place of fairy tales. I could not catch my breath out of excitement that the clouds were beneath my feet and I was literally living among those, so close to the sky! And the majestic mighty Himalaya was just behind us! We had to walk through dense forests, along the hillsides and through mountain villages where we stopped for lunch or tea-break.  And here it was, one of the most unexpected dreams of my life just came true, like this. Though I was chocking out of pain because during the trek I successfully managed to get two blisters on my feet, but the impact of my surroundings eventually reduced my physical agony through mental tranquilization.

It was just the beginning of afternoon, the shiny glimpse of paled yellowish sun-beams tried to pierce through the thick clouds; Sometimes it made a bright appearance, sometimes it just disappeared leaving the atmosphere suddenly gloomy with the shade of deep blue with slightly tint of purple.

Do you know the most amazing factor of height? Though it might scare a hell out of you, but you would never get bored. I could spend the whole day and night holding a smoked up aromatic cup of coffee, taking little sips and watching those dazzling tunings of colors and shades, and clouds, and deep white snow, the absolute calmness around me with slight feeling of excitement. Australian Camp was a place like was never been to, and truly it made me amazed to see how this world is full of surprises. 

The Gorgeous Morning

The following morning brought the best package of surprise for us. It was still cloudy and foggy when we woke up hearing distant voices calling out our name.
Anh and I was sharing the room. I vaguely remembered that last night we had some sort of discussion like this, that if the weather is not much cloudy then we would be able to see Himalaya, the mountain ranges in the morning.

Foggy Morning

Let me tell you, I am not a morning person, I never was. Morning sickens me. yet the endless enthusiasm to see the mountains made my blood cells warmed up and I experienced the most magical moment of my entire life.

Waiting For A Clear View

Slowly the sunbeams came through piercing the thick foggy clouds around us and there it was! The gorgeous Himalaya floating proudly around us welcoming the first sunshine of the dawn. This phenomenon left us all speechless. The reflection of every sunbeams glowed like diamonds on the vivid white snow of the mountains. I told you already that I am not a morning person; but if I had a chance to live in a place like this, I would have waked up every morning just to see the magnificent beauty of Himalaya.

Annapurna Mountain

Annapurna Range

Admiring <3

I Wish I Could Touch The Snow

Clouds Beneath Our Feet

It was all about enjoying such beautiful morning and capturing the moments within our memories. So that's what exactly we did!
We captured the moments when the clouds were beneath our feet..

Anh, from Vietnam

Jessica, from Tanzania

Dikshya Ayer, from Nepal

That's me! from Bangladesh

 Jumps & Shots

Dikshya Jumping (Nepal)

Pavan Jumping (India)

Again, it's me! (Bangladesh(

That's a trio!

That morning was one amazing chapter of my life followed by more amazing moments I passed in Australian Camp, but those stories are coming in my next post!

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