Tuesday, July 1, 2014

An Exotic Trip To Nepal : International Sustainability School 2014

A Clumsy Goodbye From Home

14 June, 2014

My sister in law laughed at my sight,

"you truly look like a traveler, except for your face. It seems like you are going to attend an exam by your expression!"

I did not remember quite clearly how I felt before leaving for the airport, but I am sure I did not feel very well. Father suggested me to come back after one or two days by judging my facial gestures.Well, that's the thing I hate about myself that I always feel sick at the very moment I actually have to move on. Happens in every single case. However, I have gradually developed something within myself that prevents me from stopping and I really wonder how long I have to move on to discover what I really want, what I actually need and what is the thing that would feed my soul.. 

Philosophical Me: Usual When I Travel

May be I can never find out the answers even though I would go on and on. Every time I try to console myself, that at least I know the questions, and I have the guts to ask those to myself; there are many, who have spent their all lives without knowing what they wanted, or being completely unaware of what they were capable of doing.  

That's why I have decided to try my life with everything. At least, its better to cry for what I have done rather than what I have not done in spite of having the opportunity! You have to face the guilt in either way, so why hesitate? Peace is the name of that ghost that exists in people's imagination and appears only in some rare occasions. Peace is there, because people believe it to be there, so that they might get control over their limitless chaotic minds.

And exactly that's why I was feeling disturbed.

The chaos.

When you are about to shift yourself from the stagnant comfortable state to something you are not sure about, the imagination of peace breaks into pieces, and it unleashes the chaos.  

Being philosophical is my another instinct that I cannot resist during traveling! 

I assumed, my this trip to Nepal will be exactly like the my state of mind; unexpected, surprising and completely something out of the zone I belong to.

The International Sustainability School (Nepal)

It was not a mere trip; it was a 12 day long workshop on sustainability. They called it "International Sustainability School organized by Hands-On Institute, Nepal. 

It was quite an interesting opportunity to know the sustainability through true images of Nepal and how the people, especially the youths are engaging themselves into sustainable works for the betterment of their community and an irresistible offer to absorb the beauty of Nepal and it's magnificent mountains and learning from nature and sharing some precious bonding with some special people I have not met yet! 

I knew, it would be unlike those staged workshops I have attended so far, rather it would be something like a surprise box; every time you open it, you find something new. It would be real, may be not formed upon a comfy, cushioned chair, but I would be able to smell the sweet fragrance of the wild wood that usually gets suppressed under those artificial cushions.

Expecting The Unexpected!

And I would say, I imagined a little bit less what actually came by during these 12 days! When I stepped out of the door, I barely imagined life could bring such a vast change within only 12 days that would completely break the image I pictured myself to be, and shockingly I would start loving the things once I knew very confidently to be the things I absolutely don't like! I would rather say, I have lived another life in these 12 days..

(To be continued)