Saturday, June 14, 2014

Getting Near To The Conclusion : Flash Party at Mount Lavinia

Good Morning Colombo!

17 January 2014

It was the tapping sound of Shahida's high heel that actually functioned as my alarm. It was so amazing that just within a week I developed a sense to realizing things happening around me, even when I am in sleep! With those tappings a hushed voice warned me severely that Shahida was already going to have her breakfast and there was me, lying on bed still with my eyes closed.

A grave sense of responsibility forced me to get up from the bed. It was the presentation day though I hardly could remember what we prepared last night. 

So far as my mind clicked, we prepared an act as our presentation in a very creative way. We planned to use the traditional oil lamp  and perform the rituals to show other participants the culture of Sri Lanka, and  we planned to perform each and every projects we visited in Kandy and each from our team will give a short brief on those.

Meanwhile, we had to say goodbye to Michael as he was leaving early due to some personal reasons.  

The Last Group Photo of Us wid Michael

A Quick Presentation

We were group number 3. 

After loads of discussion, confusion, practice session, I would say, that was a good performance by all of us. Though the best one was from Matara team, the group number 5. Their Forum Theatre and way of conveying message through a good act really touched everyone.

Our official sessions ended with "World Cafe" where we discussed about different issues that are faced by the current stream of World and youths and what could be their solutions.

In the world cafe, Sarah Javid, another participant from UK who were engaged with an organization named Ulfah Arts  and works for Youth TV, suggested that we might work together to solve different issues and raise voices of youth; In Bangladesh my organization CCD Bangladesh also conducts a community radio named Radio Padma and together we might actually become Globally Connected!

It was amazing that how ISV had found its way towards creating a successful bonding and networking among different countries! 

The Grand Dinner Party: The Magic Of Mount Lavinia

Magical Hotel Mount Lavinia !

The whole day passed like a moving train without any stoppage! But the night was special for all of us. 
Because we were going to have our farewell dinner and party at Mount Lavinia Hotel. 

Front View

Dinner at Mount Lavinia

It was an awesome evening with music and melody, dancing and being crazy with all stuffs! 
Specially the food stole the heart! It was so delicious!

And the whole party would have remained incomplete if I do not mention about the mesmerizing Mount Lavinia Beach..

That sight could conjure a dream in each moment and well, the grand ball-room-size open balcony was my discovery where you can see the streams splashing upon the rocks just beneath your feet if you just lean against the railings.

That dazzling moment when there was nothing but vast emptiness filled with roars of ocean... that moment when you can hold someone's hand and dance even without any music and that would not look awkward at all.. the moment that your heart feels that you are truly alive.. 

Trying to Sing a Bit..!!

Endless Crazy Dance!

Kavee and Ed!

We did not left the place immediately after dine.
We passed sometimes on the beach walking barefoot on the sands.. sometimes sang with guitar, sometimes listened quietly..
Sometimes took a long breathe and just watched over the starry night.
Everything was so beautiful..
So beautiful.. 

The Bar on The Beach

Amy and Lucca (they seem happy!)

(To be continued)