Thursday, June 12, 2014

Introducing Colombo, Sri Lanka : An Affectionate Reunion & A CrazZy Night-Out!

Here Comes Colombo, The Heart Of Sri Lanka

My numb eyes found the last remnants of lemonish glow of sunset.
We were in Colombo already.
I could not remember when I fell asleep while watching the curves of the sloppy roads. It vaguely occurred to me that it was raining before I closed my exhausted eyes. Though I wanted to watch more; Kandy itself was richly beautiful, and every drops of wild rain made it more sensational. 

Experiencing Colombo was completely different than Thulhiriya, or Pinawalla or Kandy.

On the way of Colombo

It was a metropolitan city; high buildings, clean roads, racing vehicles and all the flavor of a true city life were present there, but what stole my heart was the exceptional existence of the ocean just beside the main road of the capital. It's thrushing streams crushing on the brink of the city and the vibrant sun-shine gleaming on the horizon. 

Can you imagine a full corporate city with the flavor of beach and mountain?
It was awesome!

We were heading towards Renuka City Hotel of Colombo, to meet with all of our friends who were in other community visits.

Beautiful Beach of Colombo City

And The Reunion 

Richard Paul Evans, the renowned American Author stated in Lost December that “The sweetness of reunion is the joy of heaven.” 

It looked like some long lost friends had finally met! We shouted in joy, hugged each other tightly and just could not wait to tell that how much we missed each other.

James exclaimed,

"It's so good to see such relationship has already made among them..."

So true.

My Group from Kandy! During the Planing of Presentation 

In the evening we had a short session which was more like a reunion, and there we were given task to prepare a presentation on our community visits which would be totally creative!

Sudden Plan & A CraZzY Night Out 

Plannings went on for a long time but we finally took a break from the acute pressure and it was a sudden idea of visiting the city around almost midnight.

Night in Colombo

I was a girl from Bangladesh rather belonging to a conservative society where people do not think that night hang outs are a good idea for girls. Perhaps that's the reason I always find the night-time hang outs more alluring and more interesting. The city at night  looked gorgeously beautiful. You can just sit on a bench and take a cup of coffee and watch it through all night. Even the air of the city itself created a sense of adventure. We went to the beach. 

It was crazy. I ruined my last piece of clothe just because I did not want to miss the chance of such an episode of my life. We jumped on the steering streams, shouted on the top of our voice, ran on the wet sand and it was a night to remember, with my friends!

I would like to thank Shahida, Aya, Rajive, Chamara, Nilusha, Madhavi and Zakria who were with me on that night, at the beach taking part in all the craZy stuffs!  Thank you buds! You guys rock! :) 

Awesome Sea-beach
We came back late at night, totally exhausted after visiting the "lover's point", and wooden sea dock ( Shahida and I liked the place very much though she has not given me any photo of that night that's why I'm just trying to imagine it through my memories...)

I don't know what happened afterwards but yes, I slept drunk for sure!

(To be continued)