Thursday, June 12, 2014

Last Day In Kandy: Facilitating Youth Leadership Training

16 January 2014

My morning started with a clumsy downhearted feeling. Though I did not want to wait anymore to meet up my friends and others, still I assumed I would miss this place.

This place had taught me a lot and here, I had some life-changing experiences.

We went to another local school to accomplish our last project, to facilitate the students with Youth Leadership Training. There we took part in  facilitating the young blooming buds who are to take the lead of our next generation! It was quite enjoyable too with those little humming birds!

Introduction Ceremony

I was assigned to take one session with them which was "Two truths, One lie". 

This was the session where we had to share two truths and one lie about ourselves and others had to guess which two was truths and which one was the lie!
Those humming birds were so innocent that they even could not make up a decent lie! All they lied were about their age, grade or name! 
Well, yes that went well.

Session Time : Two Truths One Lie

Session 2: Me and Identity

With those humming birds!

I was mesmerized by the beauty of the hill-sight. That school's play ground was on the top of a hill and on that bright shiny morning the beauty of the Kandy could be seen vividly. Turquoise sky with while velvety clouds, and that awesome view of mountains- it was enough to cheer up anyone!

After having finished with every session, eventually the time knocked on the door. Our community visit was about to over. It was such a time when you are both reluctant to leave and willing to go.

It was a complicated moment.  
I had a hard time to say goodbye to all.  

Finally, it was time to leave Kandy and start for Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka.

I wondered how it would be! 
Well, thats the way of life; you have to leave the past and cherish it; welcome the new and live it with all of your heart. That's how you get nourished, that's how your experiences get rich and that's how you start to become a true human being.
On the way to Colombo

Beautiful Kandy

Females of the Group!

Last lunch in Kandy

I wondered that how this one trip out of my country had made me a completely new person with new insights. 

And I knew, that was the whole purpose of it.

(To be continued)