Monday, June 2, 2014

Ravishing Beauty of Wilderness in Kandy : Issues Regarding Granite and Lime-stone Mines Remain Unsolved

15 January 2014

It was an unusual beginning; the next day when I woke up it was raining.

Naturally my enthusiasm began to vapor with the sullen weather though our schedule was much tougher today!

The first thing I picked up before leaving my hotel room was my umbrella and  this time we were going to visit Granite and Lime-Stone mines of Kandy. It was rather a first-hand experience for me as I never paid a visit to a mine. It was absolutely welcomed though. I was gradually developing a habit to taste new, experience new and always come up with some new ideas and even newer self-discovery!

On The Way To Granite Mines

When we reached the granite mine it was middle of the raining.

Surprisingly, nature's one of the extra-ordinary stimulating part is that it looks even more beautiful when usually people refuse to see it due to an unwelcoming weather.
I was sure that with a brightest and shiny day the beauty of this wilderness would never come up with its ravishing appearance.

A narrow road between the aggressive green wilderness gradually taking us to the top of a mountain and with every drop of the rain that made me shiver I felt I was entering into another world. Far from the artificial mechanism of human being that had almost started to rot due to limitless advancement, it was something primitive, and mysterious.

The Narrow Road Taking Us Into The Wild..
It was magnificent! The Granite mine; very risky though for anyone to get closer to those mines because broken cliffs frequently fall down due to rain and sometimes that causes grave injury or to its worse, death.

In front of Granite Mine (Taking The Whole Risk!)

Granite Mine

The issues regarding Granite and Lime-stone mines seemed rather complicated as the local community were facing troublesome air and sound pollution, sometimes earth slips due to vibrations. Even though the government had introduced new technologies like "water-gel system" to prevent pollution in the locality but that had caused many people to lose their jobs.

Government and local Active Citizens had tried for several times to convince the natives to move on to a safer place but their every approaches are refused. They preferred to stay in their own locality.

These issues remained unsolved, loitering between consequential threats and sentimental values. Though the efforts of local Active Citizens to protect the community from any harms were absolutely praiseworthy.

In Bangladesh, we did not get that much chance to get involved with such issues and thus it always remains a part of a threat.

This visit compelled me to think how suppressed we are in our own country and to what extend our voices remain unheard. Even if we are eager to take actions, the authority always shows reluctance to involve us in

such issues related to the betterment of the society and people.
I hope, and I really wish, someday this situation is going to change.
But for changing it, we have to be actively involved.
Ignorance might be bliss for your own self, but it might cause the worst possible consequences to others.
After all, how can remaining in darkness can bring light to anyone in any possible way?

(To be continued)