Sunday, July 13, 2014

You Never Know When The Journey Start/Who Will Become A Part Of Your Heart!

First Encounter With Vietnam

It was a night full of meeting new people!
I woke up hearing urgent knocks on my door. I tried to comprehend my surroundings, the place, time and realized that the girl from Vietnam had returned.

I woke up having the slight irritation that I had to shift my things all over again. Anyway, I hoped that the room was better than this one!

And finally I met my room-mate!
Pham Nguyen Thuy Anh
Very complicated name -_-
Her name was Anh. My first impression was already made when I came to know she was just gone to visit some place after stepping into the country! I was like, "well, she must love to explore very much!" and when I finally met her, I found a pretty face with a very sweet smile, a simple being, but somewhere still struggling to break some shells, to know what is still unknown, to find that is still unseen. She was thoughtful, and organized; that was all in short!

Meanwhile Khalid came and informed that he is sharing room with one Indian and one Pakistani participant and I congratulated him on getting neighbors in this foreign country ! I came to know their names from Khalid, the guy from India, his name was Sabbithi Pavan, and the other guy from Pakistan, his name was Shakeel Khan. I wondered when we will be actually meeting!

However, I wanted to take some more rest before dinner, so I came back to my room. This room did not seem that much wide, but the one plus point was that the wash-room was just beside. But my consolation was not enough because as soon as I got back, at first I saw some little black bugs roaming cheerfully on the bed. Anyway I tried to ignore as they were apparently small in size, but my conscience was wide awake when I saw a BIG buzzing beetle hiding itself inside the curtain. I jumped out of the bed, and for some times Anh and I tried to find and kill it. I hated insects clearly. I cannot stand insects roaming around my room, no matter how innocent and free of guilt they look, their very appearance used to make me shiver.

And this is what I faced both in Sri Lanka and Nepal coincidentally. I had big cockroaches in our chalet in Sri Lanka and they kept me always in very much panic even when they were absent from my view. Now that's what I got here, buzzing beetle!
Anh seemed much courageous than me, as she killed the first one, and then more two of them showed their honorable presence and with this hassle it was already dinner time.

Anh suggested to leave it, and I suggested that we should change room.
She was not that reluctant in changing room but was bit unsure about whether that was possible.

Meet My Two Neighbors, India & Pakistan

I left the whole agenda behind as I realized I need to roam around. I left Anh in the room with one dead and two alive beetle and went to explore the kitchen. I saw Binod helping in cooking. Catching my sight he tried explain guiltily that he was trying to help because everyone is on leave because this is off day :P And we went outside to the balcony as I kept trying to make him understand what insect I had found in my room. Khalid came along with his room-mates cum neighbors and from far, they all seemed the same size to me. I could not differentiate. Then when I observed more attentively I saw two very serious faces absorb in deep thoughts. It was rather quite upsetting for me. I rarely like to be serious -_-

Well, nobody had to be really a Sherlock Holmes to tell who's Shakeel and who's Pavan between them. Shakeel had the fair complexion and mixture of pinkish glow on his cheeks that could evidently tell that he's from Pakistan. For Pavan, I was not only even sure that he's from India, but also that he's from the Southern part, because of his dark complexion and his thick mustache!

Well, I am sure now you can recognize them by yourself too!!

We all gathered in the balcony.
The thing I liked about Pasa Yard that their dining hall was not a room at all, rather it was an open balcony with tables and chairs and everything that's needed but it was the openness, you can look, and breathe and what I can say, perhaps, it just omitted the option of being formal!

The Last of The Day But Not The Least 

We were talking when I heard noises of people coming upstairs. I recognized Bijaya's voice, and Sanjog's, but very vaguely, because they were all talking Nepali.

Samrat Katwal
Finally the last person of the day emerged. He emerged out of darkness from a silhouette figure to a real being, with a head  full of curly hair, that he had evidently tried to put into some size, though I would say an absolutely failed attempt. There was not much light but what I noticed first was his smile, not too wide, not too shy,but a smile that could say many things; it was Samrat Katwal, the Executive Director of Hands On Institute. And he smiled and said, "you must be Anima!", well I am just happy that he almost pronounced my name correctly!

First Dinner Together

We had our first dine together, though our group was not complete yet. Still there are three more participants to come. But I guess, that's good. Knowing people slowly is better than to know all of them at once!

First Dine!

Anyway, this post has become already too long.
The last two information I want to share about my first night in Nepal are,
1. Anh and I finally shifted our room to the first one I stayed in.
2. I did not sleep very well.
3. Extra info: I never imagined I would not only start liking them, but also end up with loving them!

Good night!

(To Be Continued)