Thursday, July 10, 2014

Getting Started : Meeting New People

Happy, Finally!

I heard that I will be sharing room with the girl from Vietnam, and although she had already arrived and gone to visit some place with the room locked, so for now I would have to stay in another room.

Finally Happy!
The room they took me to was big enough, with wide space; one single bed and one double. A table, chair, wardrobe, hanger and a mirror on the wall. Big windows, with front views and loads of wind, it was good.
but all of a sudden I felt a little bit alone and weirdly quite relieved, that I have at least made it to the place I should be!

You are never sure of life. Life can take you to any place, life can make you do anything and life can break your any illusion you thought to be a concrete fact and life is something that is awesome to the best as well as terrible to the worst!

Afternoon had just started, I could see the sun leaning down through my window, the whole room was filled up with soft orange glow of sun-beams. The environment was strangely calm, and restless. This silence had given me enough peace! Even the wifi could not hold me. I really needed some air. So I went to roam around!


Binod Devkota
The first person I encountered with was Binod Devkota, He was one of the founders of Pasa Yard and he seemed a guy like white plain paper, nice and kind. From the conversation I came to know more about Pasa Yard, the place, and other general things.

It seemed like youths are getting more engaged in developing and creative works in Nepal. It's always good to see that how youths are utilizing their energy for the progress of community, but here in Bangladesh, I see the improvement is happening but somehow something has hold it back. Personal gains are more important to everyone and somehow our minds are set in that way that even my thoughts also focus on personal interest at first even though I know the reality, understand what is wrong and right.

Well, I am not saying that's a matter of shame as we are not super-humans; we all think about our good and bad but it becomes a shame when you become inhuman for your interest. 

You pretend to do the good work under the shade of fulfilling your own personal gain so that people can never question on your deeds. And the outcome is zero anyway. Well that's not what I said; that was said by John Dryden, long ago, in his political satire "Absalom and Achitophel". Thats happening all over the world, and well, when we see everyone doing it then it becomes a trend eventually. You can deny and ignore. But I think, you can only change yourself when you know the fact and have enough courage to accept it.

Anyway, I guess, still there are some people who are actually brave enough to carry on the real good works. And may be that's why humanity is not dead yet, world is not destroyed yet, hope is lost yet.

Sanjog Shrestha
As we talked, more people started to come. It was Sanjog who came at first.
Sanjog Shrestha, one of the organizers of International Sustainability School. He seemed a little bit shy at first, then I thought may be he was being modest, but yes, there were more to reveal about him with time!!

Finally my eyes were getting heavy; I felt all effects of this tiresome day on me. Just before I was going back to my room, Bijaya came. And finally I met him in person! I was happy to see him. He was the only person whom I knew in this surroundings, normally I felt more comfortable.

As soon as I came back to my room, I don't remember how I fell asleep.
It was dead seep.
with no dreams, only peace.

(To be continued)