Thursday, September 25, 2014

How Unique Ideas Can Bring Change: Birthday Forest in Nepal

Birthday Forest. 

What is the first thing you assume by hearing these two phrases?
Let me guess.
Celebrating birthday in a forest? or... A forest where you celebrate birthday? or simply Birthday in Forest. Well, everything that comes to your mind is true in different aspects about which I am about to talk.

This was another interesting workshop I attended in International Sustainability School in Nepal this year. To ensure sustainable environmental development in Nepal, six IT and one student of management introduced the idea of "Birthday Forest" and took part in an idea competition conducted by Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) India. This award is called Manthan Award 2013 which was organised at Indian Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi on 5th-6th december, 2013.

The Co-founder of Birthday Forest, Mr. Anuj Kumar Mahat came to facilitate one of the workshops where he apparently encouraged us towards generating unique and at the same time productive ideas that ensure sustainable development. 
He told us about their motivation and dedication behind Birthday Forest and definitely their idea was so unique and capturing that they won the competition. When they had the prize-money they thought why keep this idea in the form of idea only; why not give it a try and implement the idea into reality!

Anuj Kumar Mahat, taking our Workshop

The idea was simple.
" Instead of giving a rose on the special day, you plant a tree for your beloved which will sustain forever ..."  Anuj Kumar said.
Yes, it is celebrating someone's birthday by planting a tree and naming it after that particular person. This idea is very unique and also a medium of saving the environment. In the era of deforestation, you just find another way to save environment by celebration!

BirthDay Forest

Planting tree

Birthday Forest team has their website ( and when you register for a tree plantation whether its for celebrating birthday/anniversary or in memory of someone or for any other event/cause, the team take the request and plant the tree on behalf of you. They create individual URL for each tree and upload pictures of the tree time to time so that you can know how the tree is growing up and also they provide you with the plant's GPS location.

The plant and the name tag!
Birthday forest gives you three years of guarantee of the tree you plant, and takes every responsibilities regarding its maintenance. If the plant fails to survive within these three years then Birthday Forest team do the re-plantation.

Isn't it awesome? A really unique way to celebrating your birthday in such a eco- friendly way and even if after years and years, the tree you have dedicated to someone would last on this Earth holding that person's all memories...

It's every branch, leaves even fruits would resemble that person whom you love, adore and respect.

BirthDay Forest got a huge response locally, nationally and even internationally too!

This is what youth's actions are about isn't it? Coming up with new ideas to save and sustain our environment, our lives, our beautiful World.
Hats off!

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