Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blogging Tips: 5 Problems & Solutions For Beginners- Be Smart To Tackle

I am still a beginner; That's why it seemed more appropriate to write about the problems I faced and still facing while blogging. Being a beginner, no expert can exactly tell what I am going through cause everything seems quite easy when you have passed through it. So, it is a beginner's suggestion to all my beginner fellows, to know it better, to understand it better so that you can tackle it better! Here I would share the 5 problems I faced in the very beginning and still continuously tackling with and I welcome you all to make any comment or suggestion on given points.

Who Would Read My Blog?

Generating Confidence : 

What do you think? May be you are successful now with millions of followers drowning you with likes and wonderful comments but that moment when you just registered for a blog-site of your own and wrote the very first piece of your blog-post and slowly after reading and revising it for twice or may be thrice slowly pressed the "Publish" button- what did you feel exactly? Let me tell you what did I feel. "Oh God, people gonna laugh so hard!!" or "Would I get any one who would ACTUALLY read my blog?" -well these are sort of common issue I faced and believe me, Just in the beginning, it was quite true. But you know what, I am not sugar quoting, if you have to write, you write it right away! Don't let yourself pulled back by anything. Just remember the 9 year old child taking the first step..trembling, shaking, and suddenly slipping down; but that is how that child learned to walk like a strong and confident man.

What Is This Craps & Shits I Just Wrote Down!

Improving Writing Style :


Well, to be honest, my first blog post was terrible and it made me feel worst about writing a blog. But the one thing you should keep on your mind that "good writing" is not something that falls from the sky. The only thing might fall could be shit of birds. So be careful if you are just waiting for something like this.
You have to write, and write and write. And one day you are gonna see the real improvement. You may know finest grammar, excellent vocabulary but to get a reader's heart, you have to achieve fluency in writing.

Easiest ways to practice:

  • Write on your favorite topics
  • Write small pieces, but with expressions 
  • Look for innovative styles, add patterns and pictures 
  • Don't try to be commercial, just be yourself

Today I Got Only 5 Visitors :(

Regarding Traffic Issues :  


You are bound to get disheartened if you see you are not getting the number of visitors you expect. Isn't it? After all, if we had to write down for ourselves we would have used a private notebook with a picture of cute kitty. But we are all here to share things, to tell our stories and it is normal that we expect people to read and make comments what they feel about it or appreciate if they like it. It is normal to get upset but it is not the end of the world.

Easiest Things That Can Help You To Increase Traffic:

  • Share your blogs on Social Media. ex. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Join different Blogger Communities
  • Interact with other Bloggers 
  • Seek for Suggestion 
  • Always appreciate the readers you already have
  • Be social and flexible

Is My Blog Already Boring People? 

Coming Up With Interesting Topic :

So what do you want to write about? Travel, Food, Fashion, Beauty, Education, Technology there are so many things! But at some point you would see people are getting tired by reading the things with same old pattern, same old style, and the same old topic! What to do?

Regarding this issue (that I am facing already) I am a little bit confused and seeking all of you help! I try to be myself, be unique all the time. But after all it is the same old me, right? So what could be the best way to come up with newest things that you would like to read? Not only out of any need but also with interest.

What I thought that I would try to blend in all in one. My experience, travelling, food culture, people, youth development, Social Activities and I also introduced "Off topics" so that my blog might remain versatile and no one gets bored! Still my quest is not complete yet. But I would rather suggest to change patterns, way of presentation, coming up with different issues to talk about.. well, this might help.

Cannot Shape My Thoughts!

Concise & Organized Content :

For blogging you should know that "the less is more" ! You wont believe how much I hated that phrase! Because here I am so much filled up with this and that; dying to write each and every word with my all the emotions and now they are telling me to write "the less" as possible! why?
Well, that's the problem I faced in the beginning. I did not have a clue how to make it concise, how to control my thoughts and how to put it in an organize way. But finally I had my way!

Easiest Ways To Organize Your Content:

  • Do a little bit of research on other people's blogs
  • Try to detect main points
  • Note down what is important and what is "not so" important 
  • Plan an arrangement
  • Write then edit and omit
Last but not the least, once you have started blogging, never look back! The blog is a part of you, take care of it, decor it with love, write on it with passion and someday you would see you have passed through all the problems. :)

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