Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trek Notes: Night-Stay At Annapurna Conservation Area- What To Do For Instant Recovery After Trekking (Nepal)

Trek Notes: A Personal Journal
Place: Annapurna Conservation Area (Bhadorure)
Height: Approximately 1869 meters from sea level

Dreams Must Come True 

I always dreamed to live in a cottage in the mountains from where the vivacious deep blue sky would seem much closer, and rest of the world would seem like a green fairy land. Well, the place was exactly what I imagined it to be. It seemed like we have reached far from the known world, after my first ever experience on trekking, finally we made it to the dream-land.

The house we stayed in

When we reached our destination we had an warm-loving people waiting for us to greet and we were welcomed with tiny bouquet of wild flower and a "tika" of  Dahi-Chini (sour milk and sugar).
Perfect representation of Nepali culture, right? :)

The Father of The house putting Tika on my forehead

The energy meter was already starting to gear up but yet you should remember, I along with some of us trekked for the very first time ( though Bijaya more and often said that it's not trekking, actually it's more walking than trekking, but we ignored him anyway) and certainly our physical state would start to show some side-effects of it. So today I would like to share some of the tips on getting instant recovery from trekking side-effects generally based on my personal experience and also from our generous mentors' guidelines!

Here, again I would say you can just Google or search on wikihow what obviously I did too before leaving for my trek and though I had handful of information in my brain, the scenario somewhat was quite the opposite. You must remember when you are on the way, out of your home, your country and above all leaving all the facilities behind, there would be no one to give you massage when you would have sore-leg, or no one would prepare ice-water for you to take ice-bath, or no one would be providing you with steaming machine to relax.
So, you must learn some basic things.

Don't Stop Abruptly: Slowly Cool Down

After several hours of trekking if you just stop moving your muscles abruptly it might cause stiffness through out your body parts. Cool down slowly, gently keep moving, it might be a slow walk or slight stretching. Then you might take a sit to make yourself cozy and comfortable. We had an instant tea party that helped me a lot actually. I liked the snacks they made for us. I was too hungry :P

I forgot its name, sorry! but it was a kind of snack

Inhale and Exhale

That helps even during trek. Taking a moment break to breathe. take some fresh air deeply inhale and exhale. It will help you to pacify and a little jerk to restart.

Drink Water or Liquid

Due to trekking, your body has definitely lost fluid even if you continued drinking water on the way but it was to keep you hydrate during the journey. For over all impact after trekking you need do drink loads of water. Water helps to metabolize your body and supports you to get your energy back. You can try other fluids as well. Tea or juice can function fine. What our fellow trekkers had during the night was some kind of tea added with kind of alcohol which helps you to get warm. Though I did not try it but Anh said it was good!

The tea !

Take a shower

Shower helps. If you don't get ices, it's okay. Because when you are on that much height from the sea level the weather automatically is very much cold. So water would do its function and would help you to reduce your body-aches. A shower itself drenches out all the thing that has gone through you and a complete refreshment that triggers you up.
When I went to take shower it was 8pm and to its best, it was also raining! I decided to make it as quick as possible as Anh came back with the information that water is cold like hell! But it was impossible for me to go to bed without taking  shower. But trust me, even the cold water felt good as it makes your senses and nerves numb for a while making you forget aches and sore-leg. After a while, it starts to heal slowly.

Do some stretching

Stretching helps to soothe your muscle pain otherwise it gets more stiffed. I learned it from Anh, as she was doing a bit Yoga stretching on her bed. It helps to some extend.

Eat Food: Get Energy


Obviously, starving will only make the scenario worse. You need to get some Calorry in as you lost some on the way, isn't it? But don't take a full meal as soon as you stop. Make the body get adjust at first, then a full meal, and you are good as yesterday!

Dinner Party :D

Radishes, it tasted terrible to me -_-

Most Important-Take rest: A Sound Sleep

Nothing can help you better to get an instant recovery than a good sound sleep. Trust me, I went to bed with different types of sensations on my body and nerves and the next morning when I woke up, I did not feel a thing! Can you believe?
Well I could not believe at first :P
Staying up late after you've trekked is a very bad idea. It will definitely slow you down even more. Anh, Dikshya, Jess and I were sharing the same room. We had different beds though.
After a full meal, we chatted for sometimes, laughed and talked then made a quick move under warm blankets.

This was the first night during all my days in Nepal, when I actually, effectively and truly had a sound sleep. Never woke up for a moment (that's one of my regular problems, happens even in my own house). And I felt so good in the morning, like I can fly now! haha!
So, even if you ignore everything, do not forget to get some sleep because tomorrow always demands more energy and for me, I needed a hell lot of energy because we had had to trek for another 2000 meters on the next day to conquer the peak of Australian Camp, the place where people live in the clouds... (to be continued)

For tonight, that's all. It's time for a homely sleep now but I would be back, may be with an off topic! So don't forget to check out!

Good night! :)