Friday, October 10, 2014

Nepal Road Trip : A Day Under Wild Spring

Want To See The Raw Version Of Nepal?

You have not seen a country truly if you have not seen it's Raw Version.
You might ask what is "Raw Version" ?
Well, Raw version is when you decide to go and see beyond the hotel facilities and classified tourist places. It's just going further into the most natural core of the country where you will see the roads, feel the air, talk to native people. learn from their culture and would let yourself get blended with the original color of the country.
And trust me, it's more fun!

On the way to Pokhara City

Destination Unknown!

While we were setting off for our trekking destination, we had to cross the Pokhara city. The day was quite hot. Actually it was almost burning the life out of us. On the way to Pokhara when our van stopped on the road in the middle of nowhere we were surprised but in the next moment when we realized that we stopped to see the wild spring, it seemed to bring our lives back to us!
The place was somewhere middle of the road from Kathmandu to Pokhara, as it's not some "classified tourist spot" so I cannot specify.

From the front view, caves, and springs.

A part of the spring

It's A Bucket List Thing!

What I can say is that it was one of the best memories I had been through in Nepal. Resonance of water itself was half-healing, and when I went into the cold water barefooted, it gave me a sensation of goosebumps. The another thing of my bucket list was to visit a wild spring with a cave, taking a shower and dance under it! Haha! Quite weird and funny, I know. Well, apart from the "dancing" part, it was ticked off!
I always had some kind of attraction towards wilderness, springs, caves, big stones, big trees. I always wanted to live in a tree house. Perhaps I still want it. Just don't know how that is going to be possible, I just can hope and try!  

Into the cave, behind the spring!

What Is Fun Without A Crazy Group?

You are never going to enjoy it fully if you are not surrounded by a pack full of crazy people! At least most of them should be crazy :P
Jess refused to get wet and Luis was more interested in climbing up to the top of the spring. So rest of us just jumped into the water. When we just encountered, some locals were taking bath with soaps and shampoo. So I assumed this was already known as a nice and good place to take shower!

Jess, just relaxing and watching the show
Shakeel got very unique poses I must say!

We played with water for a while, especially Anh, Dikshya and I. The Sun was burning upon our head, but the water was ice-cold. Time to time we splashed water to each other, I was half wet already. Bijaya, Samrat and Khalid technically had shower. Pavan and Bijaya took most of the pictures because we were more busy in living the moment.

Samrat, he showed us what he actually used to do with the water!

I am doubtful would I be able to enjoy this moment this much I were into a amusement park or any other tourist spots. It's just more beautiful when it has the touch of nature, more lively, more fresh and more gorgeous. I wish that the spring is left unnoticed for a long time just as a part of the nature so that whenever you would touch the splashing water aggressively coming down, you can feel that how it feels to be free, to be natural, to be exactly what you are.

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