Saturday, October 4, 2014

You Are Never Late To Go For Your Dream : A Living Inspiration- Judith (Oma) Chase

I was looking for determination!
I always think that life is too short to do so many things! How can people ever manage to do everything? Well, this visit to Patlikhet surely gave me the answer I was looking for.

I cannot tell how much energy and inspiration I gathered from just one visit. I just can say, from that day, I knew, I would walk my path, nevertheless what might come and go, my dedication and determination should never fail. Its never late rather every moment is a new beginning.
You would be stupid only when you would count the rocks in stead of walking the path. Destination might come, or not, what does it matter if you just enjoy the journey?

In Patlikhet, In front of Judith's house

And my source of motivation was the Lady I met there. Such an amazing and inspiring being, Judith (Oma) Chase. She and her husband Jim Danisch are originally from USA and they have been involved with Nepal since 1975. At first they came here to trek and somehow Judith grew an attachment with the nature of Nepal and decided to come back again. At their late age finally they made their move and shifted to Nepal permanently. Now they are conducting a nursery called "Everything Organic Nursery". She mentioned, 

The Lady Of Energy, Judith (Oma) Chase

"here we demonstrate and teach Bio-intensive organic methods which produce large yields and healthy vegetables, berries, fruit and nut trees. Small farmers can grow high value crops and increase their income."

When I first saw her, Bijaya asked me to guess her age. I gave him a blank look. He smiled and said, "she was 71 when I met her three years back". And I took a look around, how her energy, enthusiasm, dedication and continuous motivation power made her dream actually come true, even in that age.
In Grape-Yard!

This is the natural source of water, when I explored the garden, I went to taste it; It was fresh and very soothing!

In Bangladesh when someone reaches age of 70, that person starts preparing for upcoming death already. And here, the lady was sitting just beside me, younger than us in her activities and everything! We came back with some Hands-On practical experience on making compost bed and plantation too.

Learning How To Make A Bed Of Compost

That took hell lot of energy! 

The Garden

Black Tomato Grown In The Garden

Through her never ending spirit, I just realize, if you want to fulfill your dreams, you just have to keep faith in yourself. You just take a long breathe, and start doing it.

When I saw her gorgeous stone-made house upon the top of a hill, and in front of the house there is a wooden table surrounded by some logs used as tools to seat. When you seat there you can see the vast area, the garden, hills, and mesmerizing blue sky.. Seemed like a fairy-tale to me.

A part of her house

Discussion is being held 

Launch! Pressed Rice, Chana and Matar- Aloo


For some dedicated people like Judith, even fairy tales come true. So what make us to stay behind? Isn't it time to take the "Long" breathe? 
I took my breathe, at the time I went to explore the garden alone, I went to the top, sat there for some times, closing my eyes, tried to feel each moment, the air, the smell, touch of grasses, sound of water, and everything was there to encourage me more, to motivate me more. And when I stood up, I knew, from now, I would not stop.

Think about it! ;)