Friday, February 21, 2014

Mysterious Islands : New Concept Of Sessions

Sharing stories and experiences of our Social Action Projects”: we did not call it a session, rather than it was a sharing part. Some Active Citizens volunteered and shared their exclusive stories that really helped us to know that in every corner of this world youth are doing such tremendous works to make a change, to bring a change! It was really very inspiring.
The team Bangladesh also took part in sharing. I told them about my SAP, which was “Active Citizens” Promised to Community Health-Care”, a health-camp in short. It was a successful event for our Active Citizens batch 13. Sazzat also contributed with his story about his SAP which was “Preventing Early Marriage”.

Sessions were rather very much enjoying!


Tea- break brought a moment of peace.
Amy Hill
Thought that was literally for a ‘moment’. We were outrunning time and still there were two more sessions to go. Shahida usually maintained her relationship faithful with her laptop during the tea-break, and I just couldn’t find Maya or Aya around me. In the mean time Amy Hill, another participant from UK came to visit my stall. That was my first official introduction with Amy. What can I say about her? She was a beautiful woman with a strong personality; that were the two words which could describe her clearly. I came to know that she tried to enter the television industry for a long period, like 7 or 8 years but once she got the chance, she realized the reality. Her deeper ambition was always to “do good” but she never got a chance to imply it on the field of television industry. Therefore she devoted herself in social works and volunteerism.  She believed in positive change.

That’s the thing I wanted to do actually” she expressed her satisfaction.

Well, and out of the topic, I could say, she was the only DSLR holder after me in the whole ISV! LOL
 She was a very good photographer and a very good blog writer as well.
I shared my story with her too and also shared stories about my country, the unstable political situation and those excruciating pain I had to take to travel from my home town to the capital, then to airport and then finally in Sri Lanka! Amy smiled nicely but our little chit chat almost brought the end of the required “moments” of tea-break. We went for next session.

It was called “Globally connected, locally engaged” context session.
The training room was decorated once again but in a different theme. There were three Islands.
Yes, Islands.

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be..

That was the message written on the 1st Island. The 2nd Island contained a bowl with far and moss and some pieces of papers. And 3rd Island Contained three desks and those three desks contained three types o

f things.  Each Island seemed very interesting but we were not allowed to visit all of them. We were told to choose just one; the one Island which seemed most interesting to me and then I would be able to visit and explore and solve the mystery of the Islands..

Well, the real excitement and suspense were just to begin; In spite of being out of energy, we all seemed to regain our enthusiasm for a very interesting session!

(To be continued)