Friday, February 28, 2014

Last Night In Chalet 36

It was 7.30 in the evening when the sessions finally ended.
I was damn tired. The only thing was working in my mind “I need to go to chalet!”
On the way, putting my head quietly on the seat, I was looking through the window of our transport. It was dark already and that place was quieter than ever! I had already started counting the chalet as my home, and my room-mates as my family members! It was strange how I wanted to go back to the place and to those people when I was on the brink of collapsing due to tiredness.

It was a relief to get back as now I could take a shower, could move along without any purpose, could relax.
Tharsha Vettivel
    Tharsha vettivel, our sixth chalet-mate was the most calm and quiet person among six of us. She was a 2nd year graduate student of Physical Science at the University of Jaffna. She had been involved in Active Citizens project through schools, hospitals and rehabilitation centres. She was especially interested in providing support for children and teenagers who dealing with domestic violence and drug abuse.
During the time between freshen up and getting dinner, I sat with her in our drawing having a small chat. Tonight we were planning to play the “Mafia Game” after dinner! We all were very excited about it.  Thought I knew I would collapse on the bed anytime I was getting any chance, still, the excitement kept me wide awake.

Playing Mafia Game
The excitement and enthusiasm did not go in vain. The game was superb! Though I turned out to be a mafia by myself and got eliminated in the end but the fun we were having together was the main part. Ajanthan took part in that game with us. That was the thing I liked most about him. Whenever he was with us, he was a fun, a support, a friend to be precise.  Michael came to join us in the end. 
Finally when my body and mind both were giving the red signal, we came back to our chalet.  Maya went for a little gathering out there, and the rest five of us came in.

               It was our last night in the chalet..

I literally felt bad about it. I knew, I might get a chance to stay in a much better hotel or any place when I leave MIMT, but this Chalet 36 would be the best place ever on my list. It was a home, with a family. And that was the best part of it. It never occurred to me it that we were here only for two days; and I already knew I would miss this place, and the people, my mates, my five chalet-mates.
I thought of having a last night party in spite of my red signals! And I still regret the fact that we could not have it.  Maya came late and somehow we could not manage it. Still, I have enough memories to cherish of my lovely Chalet 36.
I do not remember when I went to sleep, but it was dead-sleep; The last sleep in our Chalet. Good night.

(To be Continued)