Monday, February 24, 2014

I Have Ended Up Where I Needed To Go

This trip to Sri Lanka meant something very special to me. As I already told you, it was my first ever visit to abroad, leaving behind all my beloved ones, came here alone to make friends who even did not belong to anywhere near to me! 

With those lonely Islands, we had to make a choice. I felt this connected with my own journey. Here, I was uncertain every moment, what to choose; what not to chose; what to do; what not to do; Every time following my own instinct, trying to make bonds with the fellows who used to live thousands of miles away from me just a day ago. Sometimes a blank space was there like I am in a black-hole and everything around me was blending up in it. 

Those packed up schedules gave us just a little moments left to think about anything else but the sessions only. While trying to make a choice I found out here it was not the bonding of us that was going to help, rather the instinct and own way of thinking that might led me to the right choice.

Yes, thought I was in the black hole for some moments, I guess it led me to the path exactly where I needed to be; The Island situated in the middle, containing a bowl full of moss and fern and pieces of paper- that was the Island I chose finally for my exploration and I do not regret because that Island resembled the "community". The Community I had aimed to serve! And the other two Island represented "The World" and "Personal Vision".     Yes, all three of them were connected with each other; Individual beings that made community and communities that made the World itself!

We revealed the journey with riddle playing, and getting the answer then reaching to our destination. We traveled half the area of the Mass Fabric Park. And guess what? It was raining! It seemed like a true exploration and journey that might lead us to our destined path.

We shared our views, discussed about it and listened to others opinion and with this session our first day of workshop ended. Looking back to it I could not believe a lazy girl like me could have done so many things together in one day!
That was rather another achievement for me! That is how we learn to take loads and even with the pressure we learn to make right choice and take appropriate decisions.

I was happy. It was great day, though full of works, but still I learnt a lot, experienced a lot, and made a bunch full of wonderful friends!

(To be Continued)