Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ishan Jallil : Revealing The Key Of Success

Now, can anyone tell me that what kind of person could be a great feature and inspiration for raising youth leaders like us? 
Well, the two persons who came as guest speakers among us, were probably the best examples that could be given to uphold the strength and encourage our motivation, I bet.

Anoma Rajakaruna, an activist and Documentary Film-maker with the astonishing story of her journey in Film Industry and her inestimable struggle to make her position established, was among us to fire up our aspiration. And there was another stupendous figure, Ishan Jalil, an UN volunteer, graduated from University of Colombo. The special thing about him was though he could not see in conventional way, he had enabled himself to see the world with his determination, knowledge and hard work.
Ishan Jalil

Yes, he was visually impaired, in a simple word, blind.

But his enormous will power has taken him to such envious position that even for a normal youth like us that would have taken a lot to achieve. 

Here they stood, in front of us, as two symbols of strength and determination.

Ishan shared his personal views on disability and issues faced by young disabled person in Sri Lanka. The crisis was high for young disabled persons concerning the matter of employment and what he emphasized that those disabled youths lacked "Accessibility : facilities that are accessible for a normal youth very easily, and remained almost closed for a youth who was disabled somehow".

"Disability is not inability" he asserted very clearly.

and here, he shared a story of a remarkable change that had been brought by youths of Sri Lanka concerning the issue of Disabled youths and this story I used to tell again and again during my cascades and sharing to trigger motivation within our young leaders of Bangladesh.

Ishan Sharing His Inspiring Stories and Experinces

In 2007, The Government of Sri Lanka  had a chance to sign and pass a bill with UN on "UN Convention of The Rights for Disabled Person" but for some reasons the Government was showing reluctance on doing so. The youths did not sit back quietly. 
Well, I would like to know from my readers, what would have happened usually in Bangladesh in this similar type of case? When the Government or authority is not ready to approve the demands of youths they usually apply the "direct action" method! And all of a sudden the whole country is on fire, chaos and strike, emerged in unidentified blood. Still, I would doubt, whether they could really have managed to gain what they wanted to.
Anyway, in this case, the youths of Sri Lanka, adopt a very matured and thoughtful method;they sent application to the government. 

Ishan Having a Discussion With the Participants
Laughing? well, you can. But they also knew that one single application cannot change the mind of the mighty government, so they continued their campaigning program, they collected signatures, and meanwhile they never stopped urging the government. They sent almost three hundreds of applications. And guess what, the Government was so pressurized that finally, on 7th of December 2007, he signed the bill with UN. 

" Youth are always for action " he mentioned, and that was true. Action does not mean you have to go straight for chaos and blood; Action means the activities that can paves your way to the ultimate success.  

His bold speech taught is never to stop, never to give up for what aim we fix.
I was impressed and astonished. I have always heard those specific terms but observing such a vivid example in front of my eyes, my motivation was strengthen truly. 

I was wondering already, if Ishan has shared such an outstanding piece of words, what Anoma Rajakundra was holding for us. It was now her time to share her story.

(To be continued)