Saturday, May 17, 2014

Launching in Kandy, Sri Lanka : The Grand Hotel Mahaweli Reach

He Is Daniel Smith

On the way to Kandy; I devoted myself to a peaceful sleep after some long hectic sessions. The day time was already about to end when we started for Kandy. So, due to my short and 
deep naps I did not miss anything. Dan was right beside me taking naps too. 

Aah, Daniel Smith! What can I say about him!

With Dan, always with his smile :)

He was my favorite in this whole ISV. He was a freelancer facilitator. He was friendly,
flexible, thoughtful and I don’t know what term I should use to specify the fact that I felt around him. It was a kind of peaceful gravity he used to create with fun and activities. A kind of stability still, very flexible. We had a better opportunity to know him during our community visit.

Launching In Kandy: The Grand Hotel Mahawelli Reach

I finally opened my eyes fully when we reached to our destination, Hotel Mahaweli Reach in Kandy. We knew beforehand that we were going to stay in a five star but still when we actually came to see the place, in one sentence, we were stunned!

Shining with hundreds glittering lights, adorned with Gerbera, Gladiolus, Lavender and other pretty flowers, there was the grand reception! It took some moment to digest its grandeur
and the extreme sense of royalty. They maintained Kandian tradition in every phase.

Excitement Is Triggered

Amy, Lucca and I, almost exclaimed together “wow!!” and our excitement was visible
apparently! We made our way to the lobby; it was rather an extended balcony
towards the dining and at the right side the beautiful pool could be seen. It looked more
pretty at the night-time. I felt like I-wish-i-could-jump-in-it-right-now and hypnotically continued staring at its clear blue water which was reflecting vivid blue lightings and it was surrounded by some twiners where bunches of white flowers were grown. Some of their branches were inclined to the water almost touching its surface. The view was really mind-soothing.

I was almost in a trance when the waiter came with chilling lemonade.
I took a glance at everyone’s face. Though tired from today’s day-long activities, still they are apparently excited and satisfied!

I took a long sip with a long breathe.
I certainly smelled some fresh but antique Kandian east-wind. :)

(To be continued)