Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Night Of Random Memories In Hotel Mahaweli Reach

Introducing Lucca Sokhi, An Uprising Chef

“It’s unbelievable man!” Lucca expressed his astonishment. He was a progressive chef at the Waterhouse Restaurant and he was absolutely passionate about food. According to him new amazing tasty foods always made his passion grow stronger and he believed that Catering could be a great opportunity for youths for their career-making.

Well, how much I had reckoned him, he was a softhearted, generous guy with a very strong personality. He was straightforward, at the same time very emotional. His honest approach to express his affection and frank attitude always seemed praiseworthy. He was like a brother to me. Though our relation developed during community visit, it is still the same warm and welcoming for both of us whenever we talk.

Lucca Sokhi, my brother :)

Gayan Sameera Rajapaksha
At the lobby we met the very person who played an indispensable role in remaining part of ISV, Gayan Sameera Rajapaksha. He was an Active Citizens Facilitator, member of the National Steering Committee at Professionalizing Youth Work Sector in Sri Lanka, Project Youth Coordinator of Sri Lanka National Commission for UNESCO and what not! Moreover, he was a charming person with a very jolly and humorous mind. It was time to set for our rooms.

The Best Room I Have Ever Stayed In

We were led to a long corridor where the first room on the left was mine. 
I was exhausted, and desperately in need of shower due to my whole day session and a long journey to city. And finally when I entered in my room, my eyeballs were about burst with sudden shock and my two legs automatically started moving. 
I literally started jumping! It was like this-is –what-I-exactly-wanted-right-now! The room was huge, with two double beds conjoined to each other with soft velvety pillows; a grand mirror reflecting all the beauty of the room, two cozy chairs, beautiful table lamps spreading mild mind-soothing light. Nothing could have been more perfect than finding a palace-like room to relax after journey. Though I still had to take my dinner.

Bunch Full Of Mouth-watering Dishes

I admit unabashedly, I never attended a grand buffet dinner like this in Hotel Mahaweli Reach previously. I almost felt frustrated while deciding what should I eat and what not. A great example of culinary arts, visibly delicious, and smelled mouth-watering. I could have written thousand of verses just to explain each of the dish and its color, texture, decoration, flavor and taste! However, I was a small girl with a comparatively tiny stomach. I made up my mind firmly to taste as many thing as possible in small amount!

The Little Angel

There I met the baby angel, Rashitha's daughter, the Princess, the Fairy Queen!
She was just like a doll. Though I tried for several times to convince her to come to me, I failed to honor her extreme conscience and to act according to her swinging mood.

But I did not give up. No, it is not in my nature! :P Finally my attempts paid off and I successfully managed her to come into my lap. I took her for a round and danced with her a little bit. That angel was smiling like a fairy who had just fallen upon Earth and spreading her charms through smile! 

Gayan took a photo of us.
That was probably the first and last photo of mine with her.

Good Night Sleep Tight!

We said goodbye to each other for tonight. It was a long day, and more long days were about to come. We badly needed to rest. It was for the first time I had a chance to talk to my friends and family without any interruption of internet connection. Endless utilization of free wifi could have been done if I were not so wildly tired and sleepy.
It felt like bliss to surrender myself to an engrossing soft bed with mild cool breeze around. I literally felt my sunken eyes are drowning deeper. It was a peaceful night with a mind-refreshing sleep. The next day was waiting with a basket full if surprises. So better I prepare myself for that!

(To be continued)