Saturday, May 10, 2014

Adeu Thulhiriya, Adeu Chalet 36

"We are going to Kandy", Sazzat informed me abruptly on the way to dine.
"Seriously?" - I wondered! I was recommending Kandy from the beginning as a choice of my community visit. Didn't know they made the final list already. I was up for my lunch, otherwise I was dying to see the group list they had made.

In front of Chalet 36
Took my last meal at MIMT with a bit of excitement and a bit of itching sensation for getting apart from my friends.Hot waves of mid-noon wind splashed upon my cheeks with a sudden burning desire of staying back, though it was a mere whimsical emotion of my heart that had also learned to move on for greater good..
Packing was done already, we just came back to the chalet to get our staffs, reconcile our brisk memories, and to say a final goodbye to Chalet 36.

Last photo of Chalet mates together

I would miss everything about it, except those cockroaches, ofcourse.

Heading back to the MIMT center, we found the vehicles ready to leave in any moment. We were six in each group, and I had those erotic bunch of geniuses in mine. Amy Hill & Lucca Sokhi from UK, Kaveesha Madhushani de Silva & Madhavi Harshani Bandara Jayasekara from Sri lanka, last but not the list, Sazzat Hossain and I from Bangladesh. Daniel Smith and Rashitha were the mentors of our group.

In the last moment I desperately shouted to Ajanthan who was the mentor of Gall team, 

" I would stay one day, just one day in Kandy, then I am coming to Gall! Wait for me!!"

Ajanthan replied with a winking smile " If you are coming, we are always here to welcome you!"

A-n-d we left! 

Towards Kandy, the Grand, the Magnificent!! 

The Grand and Magnificent Kandy!

Do you know about Kandy?

What I already came to know from my little research back from my country and from native's conversations here that Kandy was the largest city after Colombo and located in mountainous and thickly forested interior of the island. They call it "the second capital of Sri Lanka". Actually, it was the last capital of the province at the time of ancient King's era; It still had numerous signs of heritages and touches of royalty even if the kings are gone. What I sensed from the natives talking, they reckon Kandy as the most pure, ancient and religious city among the country. It was also the home of the famous Temple of Tooth Relic.

For me, it was an honor to visit the city; to get acquainted with it's flavor of royalty, religion, mystical mythologies and grand history.

The van was not taking me to a city, but a to an ancient era of Kings and Queens, towards a great historical phenomena.

(To be Continued)