Sunday, March 8, 2015

Be Woman: Be Yourself

Happy International Women's Day!

Through the whole day I have heard many sugar-quoting; some of them might actually come true, but for instance lets say we are not buying it.
It's time to unquote the sugar.

I would start with some factual information followed by a story of a little girl.

Do you know there is an International Men's Day too which is on November 19th?
I bet very few are aware about it. However, everyone knows the exact date of International women's day and every year it is celebrated with great joy, many events take place, many slogans are heard many promises and demands are made.
But, have you ever seen anything happening on the particular day which is attributed to the men?
At least I have not.

Let me tell you a story.

Once there was a little girl who badly wanted to go outside and play with the nature. She wanted to explore the secrets of butterflies, wanted to touch the green meadow, wanted to feel the rain.

But she had a ground rule. She was never allowed to go outside.
One day she became really mad about it and fought very hard about this with her parents,
So her parents made a plan for her.
One morning she was taken to their roof top balcony where she saw her parents have made a rooftop garden for her. Birds are chirping in the cages and butterflies are playing on the flowers, and one piece of sky could be seen from that balcony,
That little girl became overwhelmed with joy and thought yes, may be this was "the thing" she always imagined. May be this was "freedom"

Unfortunately, today every woman in this world are impersonating that little girl.
We are being put forward so that it seem to us that we are "may be" something really important, but in fact, it is nothing but a delusion.

That little girl's parents did not need a balcony for themselves, because they have that freedom to go outside, in the same way the men do not need a particular day of celebration to make them feel special and important because they are already dominating everything under their feet.

I am not a feminist.
But our way and culture of treating a woman shocks me.

Everyday we talk about woman empowerment, rights of woman -but how many of them are bieng ensured? In a society where woman is not even safe to stand alone after nigh-fall, how are you going to make a leader out of that woman?

I would never disrespect a man who has honor. I would always admire a man who has intellect, honesty, self-respect and sense of responsibility. I would adore that man who has sensible mind and kindness in his heart. I would.
But, when a girl attains a position by her intellect and works hard for her success, STILL, remains fully attentive to the responsibilities of her family and treats everyone with kindness and love- do they always get the admiration, respect, value they actually deserve?

If a girl becomes successful. a second thought immediately takes place in everyone's mind, including the women as well. And sometimes, everything about women starts to be pinned on a question mark.

We are not at war.
We are on the way to make you see what we actually deserve and what we are actually capable of.

In the end, all I would say,
Be a Woman. You don't need to show that you're as logical as a man, you can perform as smart as a man, you can take responsibility and handle it as same as a man, or anything. You simply do not have to be like a man to show the world what you are capable of.
Nourish your fundamental values and qualities. What power you hold within, no man can sum up together, believe that.

And do not respect woman for one day.
Respect her for everyday because of everything she has tolerated, every sacrifice she has made, every compromise she has gone through, for every thing.

Happy Women's Day, it's not just one day of celebration, rather put it as your everyday recognization. Believe it or not, human kind is not complete without women. Believe it in your heart, have faith in yourself. Live it and value it. One day we won't be needing a particular day, rather we will celebrate everyday side by side working and living with men, as they do.