Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dialogue Exchange Program of British Council: Youths Are Raising Voice

10 Youth Leaders with South Asian Regional Director Stephan Roman and other officials of British Council

Today we attended an open discussion and dialogue exchange program hosted by British Council. This event took place at EMK Center, Dhaka. We, ten youth leaders of Bangladesh, met Asia's Regional Director Stephan Roman, and discussed on various issues which the youths of Bangladesh are frequently facing in this country.

Demands were made.

We need a platform to raise our voice; the voice of youths needed to be heard but we are being neglected like always. Besides, education system needs a complete reformation and the condition of education in rural area is really appalling.

"Even the teachers are treated like security guards and get paid only 800 tk!" said Zihan, one of the facilitator and Active Citizens.

"The policies are being made from top to bottom but the bottom line, where most of the people remain, the youths remain, is unheard" - Samira, an intern of British Council and Active Citizens commented on this given situation.

Issues like Global Citizenship, Corruption and Lack of transparency, Violence against youths are also discussed broadly.

I raised my voice for the Active Citizens who are withdrawing themselves because even after hard working they do not get proper recognition and British Council should provide them with a platform too. And another point that was brought into light is lack of funding. Because we do not get funds or sponsorship, it becomes really hard to continue our Social Action Projects.

It was a good and powerful discussion.
Bristy, another Active Citizens expressed that most of the politicians don't even know what they are doing and everyone is running after power even without understanding it.
Samanjar brought up the Rampal issue and she discussed about her particular view.

Orpa simply said "I wanted to be an interior designer, but I turned up into an engineer because in this country only studies related to medical and engineering get values, other things are counted as of no use"

This multidimensional dialogue exchange program was certainly a great chance for all of us to finally let our unheard voices vibe freely.

We are glad that we are given this platform and appreciate the efforts of British Council.

It was a great day, indeed. :)