Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Up for School: We Demand Safe Environment for Children Education

Our campaigning "Up for School" is a stand for securing a ground for safe children education through worldwide and a symbol of rejection to the incident "2014 Peshawar School Massacre" in which 145 people, including 132 schoolchildren got killed by terrorist attack in Peshawar, Pakistan. This is an International Campaigning conveying the message that every child has the right to go to school, without danger or discrimination. For this campaigning we have taken some initiatives as awareness raising, making documentaries, signing petition and spreading voice in support of this cause.

We campaigned and stood for the cause on a liberal ground seeking for the proper establishment of human rights and we are thankful to the teachers and all those beautiful children who supported us from the beginning to the end.

Here are some clips of our campaigning while we visited two of the schools of Bangladesh for the making of our documentary.

We had some preparation beforehand and we had full support from the teachers.

At Children's Academy School, when I asked the students whether they want to continue their study or not, they shouted "YES!"
Then we explained that many children like them are unable to go to school and have education because they are scared and threatened. And again I asked them whether they want them to go to school or not, and again they shouted "YES Miss!"

Last but not  least I want to thank Jisan for his dedication and passion for this cause.

And above all, I want to state that we all deeply mourn for those innocent departed souls.

This is the world we are living in where we cannot even ensure a safe secured environment for children education. If this is the beginning, where this chaos is leading us? 
There can be vigorous arguments on whether in the name of religion it is right or wrong, but I would not waste your or my time by launching into these vain words which could possibly bring nothing. Rather I would just speak one word, "Humanity".

If killing children is allowed in ANY religion, everyone should deny that religion at once, without having a second thought. And terrorism was never a part of any religion.
Unite your voice, and stand for this noble cause.